How to prevent termites?  – Causes of termite in a house foundation

It’s good that being a proactive homeowner you’re taking termite seriously and are searching for things like how to prevent termites, what causes termites, or how do you get termites.  So, this blog is worth a read: Termites are usually a very serious problem if encountered around a house or a building. They can cause … Read more

Clogged sewer line? Here’s what a tenant should do


Blocked sewer sys are very common annoyance in old homes, especially those built decades ago. Besides damaging your home, this glitch can be hazardous to your health. If you have signs like toilet backing up into shower or basement drain backing up or you have toilet backing up into tub; here’s how you can go … Read more

Simple steps for Helical Pier Installation (With PICTURES)


Helical pier installation is a pretty common technique to offset the effects of foundation settlement in building. We know foundations generally settle under the impact of load or due to downward movement or escape of soil underneath the footing. Some common reasons for foundation settling includes expansive soil under foundation, root wedging, excessive loads from … Read more