Single-Story House Façade Design Ideas (Guide With Pictures)

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Your single-story house façade design is like your property’s business card. Façade of a single-story house not only serves as the transition between the interior and exterior of a house but it defines the overall style of your house.

I can’t emphasize more.

That’s why we’ve tried to go a step further in asking one of the best façade designers around the globe.

We’re trying to help you as a homeowner to put more thoughts while selecting a façade design or while hiring an architectural firm to design one for you.

If you still have doubts about façade design, don’t worry! In this article, we will show you what a facade is, the best tips when executing the project, and 25 wonderful examples of one-story house facades. 

Enjoy reading!

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What Is a Facade?

A facade is the face of a building. It is common for some people to consider a facade just the front of a property, but this is a big misconception.

The front facade, also called the main facade, is just one of the facades of single-story houses.

The term “façade” is a form of Italian word “facciata” that defines the outside or exterior faces of a building. However, in modern architectural world, façade is more linked with front face of a house.  

There are also back and side facades. The single-story front facade is the most important, as it has greater visibility and may be the only facade seen from the street.

Although many people think that one-story homes need to have a simple facade, but it’s not the right approach. Your property’s overall value rests a lot on how you craft the exterior design elements especially the façade.

The architect can create beautiful and stunning solutions using intrinsic creativity and ultimate combination of elements, materials, and colors.

What to Include in a Front Facade Plan?

When we talk about the front façade plans of a project, it can be made in coherence with the overall architectural plans and needs to have some elements like:

  • windows
  • doors
  • surface finishes
  • Materials
  • Lights
  • Sidings

Facades of single-story houses:

The facades of single-story houses can have various elements like cornices, architraves, windows, and columns. But when choosing the types of finishing, the architect needs to consider some important factors.

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Selecting Materials

When it comes to the selection of façade materials for a single story house, the choices are endless. From curtain wall to steel and from glass to panel frame; you can choose a material that not only blends well with the architectural details of the house but can also withstand the wear and tear of natural elements.

Here’re some material choices for the façade:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Curtain Wall
  • Panel Façade
  • Clay façade
  • Ceramics
  • Aluminum Composite material
  • Wood
  • Natural slate
  • Stone cladding
  • Masonry wall
  • Mortar Plaster
  • Concrete
  • Precast concrete panels
  • Wood panel siding

Each of these materials has their own pros and cons. So, it is important to choose a material that is affordable and weather-resistant.

“In façade engineering and design involve tough challenges but you can still transform your vision into reality with modern design software and applications“ said by Alan Anderson, the Vice President at Thorntonto Masetti

Finishes & Paintings

Paint is also an ideal choice for façade of a single story house. It is affordable and easy to apply. Although you can choose a high-quality brand but still you need to maintain the paint finish or may be repaint the façade after a couple of years.

If you want some modern and elegant single-story façade design, it’s best to choose neutral tones and geometric patterns.

Using glass

A common trend in single-story house facades is the use of glass. In addition to creating a modern environment, it assists in the pinnacle lighting and creates an interaction with the external area. But to try on this type of facade, it is important to pay attention to the orientation and the thermal comfort of the house.

“It is always helpful to be inspired with design elements, shapes, and finishes of contemporary and modern houses. You can use Pinterest to choose combination of elements, materials, and colors.” by Surapong Meknavin, Managing Director at FCDPL.

How to Create One-Story House Facades: Useful Tips!


An interesting tip when creating facades of single-story houses is the use of decorative panels called Friezes. 

Masonry beams and walls are common elements in buildings, right? The concrete and ceramic of the bricks expand and contract according to temperature variations, and when the materials are used together, small cracks can appear on the facade over time.

Friezes can be used to prevent these cracks from becoming apparent. Another alternative to preserve the facades of single-story houses is polyester screens.

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Drip Trays

Another tip to keep the facades of single-story houses beautiful and preserved for a long time is the use of drip trays. It is a type of finish that prevents rainwater from running down walls, window sills, and walls.

Here’re some tips to design single-story house façade ideas:

  • Know the purpose: Try to design the façade of the building that matches well with the purpose. Make it functional. If you want more light in your house, make sure to go with grid of windows or large windows in façade. Also know your family requirements and make sure it matches well.
  • Follow symmetry: Even a simple façade will look awesome, if it follows the symmetry and balance in elements. Don’t overdo the design lines, instead keep things simple and follow symmetry.
  • Use outdoor exterior lights: If want a superior façade look of your house, add lights above and around the front door. Try to install lights on key elements like parking lot, and driveways.
  • Focus durability: When designing elements, a lot of homeowners fall for the beauty rather than durability. So, try to pay attention to both aspects – the durability as well as beauty.   

Facades of single-story houses with garage in front

When designing single-story garage facades, the architect needs to consider the placement of items such as pillars, gates, and gates. In closed condominiums, it is customary to design the garage without a gate, which gives an interesting look to the facades of single-story houses.

Modern single-story house facades:

A modern single-story facade is one with a clean appearance and materials such as glass, aluminum, and concrete. In addition, a modern facade often has open spans and neutral colors.


Above is an awesome single-story façade involving neutral colors. This design is best for modern and elegant façade of the house involving two entrance doors and a contemporary design light at the right.

  • Façade with natural elements

Here’s another design style involving glass sliding doors and integration with natural elements. If you want to surround yourself with nature or want to live in the middle of nature, this is an awesome façade design. It offers a perfect deck at the entrance with protective railing. You can enjoy your nights and days on the decking while looking at the green serene nature around.

Figure 2  Facades of single-story houses: glass facade brings integration with nature

  • Façade with industrial looks

Homeowners these days prefer industrial and contemporary look. This greyish façade is a modern design offering ideal design with cement rendering. It features a sloping ramp to the garage along with modern smart entrance lock and cameras.

Figure 3  Facades of single-story houses: burnt cement leaves the facade with an industrial look

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  • Façade design with gabled roof

If your house features a gabled roof, this elegant cream and beige color façade is best design inspiration. If features a big glass sliding doors with plinth protection around the property. The lush grassy lawn and gravel spread on the path makes it ideal pick for nature lovers.

  • Facades of single-story houses with gabled roofs: neutral colors and geometric shapes bring simplicity and beauty (project: Sandro Clemes)
  • Facades of single-story houses with gabled roofs: wooden chalet with glass facade integrates with nature
  • Facades of single-story houses with gabled roofs: Colonial Style Facade (project: Denise Brighenti)
  • Facades of single-story houses with a garage in front: a garage without a gate is a modern proposal
  • Facades of single-story houses with a garage in front: pilasters help in the use of space
  • Facades of single-story houses with garage in front: garage with lighting brings beauty and enhances small space (project: Martins Lucena)
  • Facades of single-story houses with a garage in front: white and gray are classic colors for the facade (project: L+D Arquitetas)
  • Facades of modern single-story houses: glass facade favors zenithal lighting (project: SQ+ Arquitetos Associados)
  • Facades of modern single-story houses: the exposed concrete facade is synonymous with elegance (project: Nova City)
  • Facades of modern single-story houses: white facade delights customers
  • Facades of modern single-story houses: neutral colors match the surroundings
  • Facades of modern single-story houses: Facade with wood finishing (project: João Vitor Ricciardi)
  • Facades of single-story houses with exposed roofs: bricks and wood make up a rustic facade (project: RAP Arquitetura e Interiores)
  • Facades of single-story houses with exposed roof: tiles are a classic and beautiful option (project: Noma Estúdio)
  • Facades of single-story houses: a white gate with a stone wall (project: Cláudia Breias)
  • Facades of single-story houses with exposed roofs: black gate, white windows, and stone cladding (photo: Simone Duch)
  • Facades of single-story houses with exposed roofs: white windows and wooden doors (photo: Ila Rosete)
  • Facades of single-story houses with the exposed roof (project: Karla Silva)

Facades of single-story houses with exposed roofs:

The exposed roof is the most common roofing model used in most traditional houses. It can be made of ceramic, polycarbonate, glass, and fiber cement, among other materials. It’s fun on the facades of single-story houses, isn’t it?

Facades of single-story houses with built-in roof

The built-in roof is the darling of projects and looks amazing on the facades of single-story houses. In addition to being an aesthetically beautiful solution, this type of roof requires less woodwork. It is embedded behind small walls at the top of the house, known as platbands.

  • Facades of single-story houses with a built-in roof: pilasters and lighting help in the composition of the space
  • Facades of single-story houses with built-in roof: cobogó helps with natural lighting and ventilation (design: 1:1 architecture: design)
  • Facades of single-story houses with built-in roofs: black gate and stones (project: Paulo Oliveira)
  • Facades of single-story houses with built-in roofs: glass windows and swimming pool (project: Jessica Carine Cunha)
  • Facades of single-story houses with built-in roofs: Facades in neutral colors (project: NDA Arquitetura)

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