The Art of Skylights: Enhancing Interior Spaces in Commercial Buildings

Do you want an efficient and aesthetically pleasing commercial building that lets everyone connect with nature and helps them improve their mood? If so, we got you covered! 

Enhancing interior spaces in commercial buildings can be simple. You can transform your office space into a highly functional and valuable property with additional furniture, fixtures, and architectural elements like skylights. 

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Key Benefits of Skylights in Commercial Buildings

Enhances the Ambiance

Moods are important in commercial buildings for several reasons. An establishment with a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere will impact its customers, encouraging them to stay longer and probably enticing them to purchase and return.  

Moods will also affect the employee’s productivity. A well-distributed natural light enhances a room’s ambiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere and boosting everyone’s mood.  

You can achieve this with skylights and even distribution of natural light, impacting your clients or employees and elevating the room’s ambiance and style. 

Adds Aesthetics

Are you aware that the initial impression visitors form when they arrive at your office is based on its appearance? You must have a one-of-a-kind interior design that is visually attractive to generate interest and create a positive perception for the clients and prospective customers.  

Strategically installing skylights in your next construction project will add visual interest to a plain ceiling, creating a unique architectural feature that helps establish and strengthen your brand’s identity.  

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Some skylights have designs that allow fresh outdoor air to enter the building. As natural ventilation, skylights help reduce the harmful chemicals and air pollutants circulating in the room by pushing the old air out.  

Skylights are also excellent in controlling moisture to prevent mold growth. They can regulate the humidity level, which results in a safe and healthy indoor space.  

Lowers Carbon Footprint

One primary source of carbon emission is the use of lighting systems. The traditional lighting system’s increased electricity demand will lead to more usage of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, or oil. Once it undergoes combustion, it releases carbon dioxide (Co2), primarily comprising the greenhouse gas severely affecting our climate.  

Incorporating skylights into your design will reduce the need for fluorescent or incandescent light. You can utilize it to illuminate the room’s interior spaces to minimize energy consumption, which means fewer carbon emissions.  

Understanding Skylight Materials

Choosing the best skylight for your commercial building may be complex as you need to check the space, design, and insulation. However, the first thing you must look at when shopping for skylights is their materials.  

Skylights are available in various materials. Some models use glass, while some models use acrylic and polycarbonate. Although these materials have different and distinct characteristics, always choose strong, durable ones with excellent thermal performance and transparency. 

Incorporating Skylights into Interior Spaces

The skylight’s versatility is perfect to enhance the interior’s design. It offers numerous possibilities. With strategic placement, they can become the focal point that draws guests’ attention while ensuring balanced lighting throughout the room. 

Their flexibility also empowers interior designers and architects to strategically place them and tailor their shape and dimension to fit the styles they have in mind. 

With skylights like Fakro DRF DU6 flat roof access skylight, you are guaranteed a seamless blend of functionality and sophistication. 

Modern Office Space

For example, in modern office spaces, strategically positioned skylights in the workspace promote energy efficiency and help create a vibrant and energizing atmosphere for employees. 

In addition, the sun’s light that reflects the indoor minimalist design and clean lines showcases the beauty of modern architecture – sleek, clean, and elegant. 

Retail Store

Skylights are also vital in luxurious shopping stores. Architects and interior designers’ innovative approach uses skylights to highlight exquisite and deluxe merchandise while letting the sun’s rays create a more captivating environment for the customers. 

Educational Institution

School skylights might not be common, but some schools incorporate skylights in common areas to maximize the use of natural light to enhance the student’s mood productivity and improve their overall well-being. 

Wellness Centers

Another place where you can incorporate skylights is wellness centers. They are perfect for routines that need a relaxing, serene, and rejuvenating space.  

With the natural light and the vibe of personally connecting to nature, clients and visitors will leave with an incomparable experience. 

Maintaining and Cleaning the Skylights

Skylights need minimal maintenance, but having them scheduled for monthly routine checks is highly advisable to ensure their functionality and extend their longevity.  

When cleaning the skylights, you may need to check with the manufacturer’s guide that comes with it. However, these models almost share the same material and design. 

So, these quick steps on cleaning them should still work like magic. There are only a few things that you need to remember to properly clean them without causing any damage, such as: 

Use non-abrasive cleaners to preserve transparency. Abrasive cleaning materials and their residue may cause scratches that affect how light is distributed to the building. 

Employ only soft materials (such as microfiber cloth or a soft sponge) for surface cleansing. 

Use skylight-friendly cleaning agents to not damage the protective layer, finish, or glazing. 

Regularly clean the skylights to prevent dirt and debris from accumulating. 

Hire a professional skylight cleaner when necessary, especially if the skylights are in hard-to-reach areas. 

By following these general guidelines on properly cleaning the skylights, you are helping to extend their lifespan and prevent extra labor costs for extensive repair and replacement. 


Skylights are one of the best architectural elements to enhance interior spaces in commercial buildings. With their features and benefits, they can turn your plain, simple retail space into a well-lit environment with a welcoming and comfortable ambiance. 

So, if you are an architect, interior designer, commercial property owner, or someone who wants to elevate their space’s design and aesthetics, consider installing skylights and let its magic transform the place and improve the occupants’ overall well-being, the building’s energy efficiency, and showcase the place’s aesthetic appeal.

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