What is Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm? (Know it all)

To many people the words ‘Lunk Alarm’ strike as something new and confusing at the same time. However, when you combine these words with the word ‘fitness’, it starts making some sense and gives a cursory notion that this is something related to fitness activities. We are going to unbundle it further and lay it out for our readers to make them acquainted with planet fitness lunk alarm.

So planet fitness is an American franchiser and operator of fitness centers based in Hampton made for people to provide them a unique fitness hub. It offers a clean environment and a high quality gym.

This gym is appropriate for those people who want to exercise without any inconvenience and vexation. People who want to become powerful and muscular and many body builders are made in these gyms. Lunk alarm is a loud siren to discourage unwanted and unacceptable behavior.

The aim of planet fitness is to provide fitness enthusiasts a secure and comfortable environment where they will not be judged and compared to other people. Therefore, many people find these gyms a perfect place to achieve their fitness goals.

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What is Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?
What is Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

Defining the Word ‘Lunk’

Lunk means a person who do foolish acts or makes noise to grab people’s attention, but sometimes this behavior is not does not intentional. Lunk alarm is a device which is set up in a gym which rings when someone makes noise or produces unusual sounds while lifting heavy things. 

Loud noise of weights and dropping of heavy equipment makes environment of gym uncomfortable. This cacophony of sounds creates disturbed atmosphere especially for new comers.

This is the reason why lunk alarm is set up in a gym to prevent this kind of atmosphere. It is also used to control undisciplined behavior.

What is Planet Fitness Lunk alarm?

Planet fitness center that is affordable for normal people and that provides all facilities for inactive people to become active. Staff of this center is very friendly. If you have questions about gym rules, dos and don’ts, and etiquettes you should freely ask any staff member.

This center discourages noises and actions that can appear frightening for those who would not visit a gym.  Planet fitness membership rates are quite affordable and people can become members of this system without being harsh on their pockets.

The low cost is also appealing to people who have not gone to a gym before. This center also creates judgement free atmosphere which is an encouraging factor for many for people.

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Is Lunk Alarm Real?

Yes, it is. Lunk alarm does not sound every time, it sounds only when there is unprofessional behavior or people are making noise. Its main function is to make the atmosphere of center disciplined. So more people are attracted towards this center.

You will see a huge blue warning light over the free weight section, this is Lunk Alarm. Healthy people and body builders are more regular than normal people because they can bear loud noise.

Few Drawbacks of Planet Fitness

The primary downside is lack of equipment i.e. if you are used to lifting heavy barbells or working with complex workout machines then this place might not be the best option for you. Another considerable disadvantage is no outside personal training.

In planet fitness center you cannot take your personal trainer or any guest in the center. In planet fitness you can sign up for group classes or ask for a one-on-one personal fitness trainer. Another point that is considered bad for this center is few banned exercises e.g. overhead presses, deadlifts, and T-rows.

To ban a certain set of exercises is not something that can be expected of a gym that actually desires to provide an all-rounder fitness hub for its customers.

Working of Lunk Alarm

In planet fitness center people practice without any pain, hesitation and without being judged. Lunk is a person who does baseless activities intentionally or un-intentionally. For these type of people these centers have lunk alarm which control these type of activities. 

Planet fitness owners charge very less money from guests, this makes it more attractive and more people come in this center. Many body builders and people who want to strengthen themselves come at this center.

Currently planet fitness is using television and radio for their promotion. Local radio stations give away free memberships during competitions as well as run planet fitness advertisements. Planet fitness ads cast people who have been using their services to achieve fitness goals and are satisfied with the results.

There are several fitness ads on the lunk alarm which is an excellent way to attract people. These are part of clever marketing tactics. These ads specifically encourage people to register in planet fitness who have had bad gym experiences with loud noises, dealing with bullies and have always desired a friendly atmosphere where they will not be judged.

Planet Fitness’s Lunk Alarm – An Important Warning Measure

Lunk alarm is very important for controlling unusual behavior. Its purpose is to draw attention to lunks so they stop what they are doing and as long as they do not repeat the same mistakes they can continue exercise. People who continuously do such unprofessional activities are kicked out of the gym. Moreover, repeated alarms result in cancellation of gym membership.

In many gyms it is quite normal to drop weights, make a noise, breathe heavily, but this type of behavior is not seen in planet fitness center. This center makes environment comfortable for beginners and creates a judgement free environment.

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Acts Which Come under the Orbit of Lunking

If you want the membership of planet fitness and you want to maximize you membership then you have to follow the rules strictly, one of the most important rule is ‘to avoid being a lunk.’

Following are the points that you have to avoid;

  1. Dropping weights on ground that makes a loud noise
  2. Breathing heavily
  3. Making a noise to attracts people’s attention.
  4. Producing loud noise when lifting heavy weights.

These are the things that you have to avoid at a planet fitness center. Some people think that lunk alarm is an unnecessary thing because these people are habitual to making loud noises. Some believe that this is compulsory to avoid unusual behavior.

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