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When I was in my graduate engineering school; I literally faced problems in finding credible content written specially for civil engineering students.

So back in 2013, I started my own website iamcivilengineer.com – still alive

It is a complete resource for civil engineers with hundreds of professional books, excel sheets, manuals and so much more.

But last year in 2018, after completing my 4 years in professional career, I started to realize that there’re not many civil engineers who could blog or share their experiences.

Well I’ve learnt a lot while working in the field on mega projects – including many things not even taught in grad schools.

So I thought the best way to go at it would be to share my experiences and learning to new fellows.

Perfection is not achievable but you can always give it a try.

[su_service title=”About Me.” icon=”https://definecivil.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/gift-icon.png”]Here I’m, Saad Iqbal – a civil engineering geek and a passionate blogger – with handy graphics designing skills. I’m in the online civil engineering community from over a decade now and have many fans, followers and friends throughout the world.[/su_service]

I’m being asked by so many friends in Pakistan, India, Australia and USA about various topics and problems of civil engineering field.

This blog – Definecivil – is for all of professional civil engineers and construction experts including students and immature.

DefineCivil Logo
DefineCivil Logo

I’m committed to define everything in civil engineering field in a unique attractive manner to make learning – a fun.

striving to craft best possible – learn-able content for civil engineers.

You’d be finding resource-full compelling articles that are actually a bookmark-able and a reference content.


Beside that I’m a freelancer and a marketing content developer – with expertise in home improvement, DIY projects, home renovation, roofing companies, construction and consultant firms. I’ve been helping them in creating compelling product descriptions.

You can hire me through fiverr – here is the link:

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Beside that you can reach out to me on info@definecivil.com

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