Braced Frame – Different types of braced frame – Advantages & Disadvantages

Braced Frame

In different types of frame structures, braced frame are ideal to resist lateral forces like wind and earthquake loading. It includes steel bracing that is easy to erect and can resist more forces than non-braced buildings. You can easily use brace frames for its flexibility, strength, and stiffness. So, in our today’s article we’re going … Read more

What is a stem wall – meaning – detail – benefits – design – procedure

What is stem wall foundation

Stem walls on concrete foundations are popular in the construction industry of America and Canada and make up the spinal cord of one of the five common and basic types of construction footings in the USA. Here is the entire mechanism behind how such small walls manage to hold up such large structures What is … Read more

Importance of Technology in Architecture

Architecture is a craft that will never stop evolving. It started as complex drawings on paper to plan a design, but architects now rely on 3D and drawing software to create any new structure. Architects depend on technology and architect-specific software to assimilate the progression and development of their designs. The technology of architecture itself … Read more

Load Bearing Structure – Types, advantages Vs Frame Structure

load bearing structure

A building that has structurally active elements or walls that take the load imposed vertically downwards to the footing is a load bearing structure. The load travels from the roof through the wall, floor, and to the footing. There’s no column or beam structure here. In residential construction, we prefer load-bearing buildings for up to … Read more