Clogged sewer line? Here’s what a tenant should do


Blocked sewer sys are very common annoyance in old homes, especially those built decades ago. Besides damaging your home, this glitch can be hazardous to your health. If you have signs like toilet backing up into shower or basement drain backing up or you have toilet backing up into tub; here’s how you can go … Read more

14 Construction Safety Tips for Your First Commercial Building

Any building site should implement construction safety tips, rules, and workable safety measures in construction work to avoid costly damages and delays. On a building site, even a tiny error can result in an accident, more precisely, a fatal accident. Even a construction site accident could result in the death of a worker. Therefore, it … Read more

Duplex Front Elevation Design Ideas – Modern – Contemporary & Stylish

A stunning and fantastic duplex front elevation design exhibits elegant architectural features that not just follow a theme and symmetry but also blends well with the surroundings. Anyhow, designing the duplex to fit your style and budget is an overwhelming experience. So, it’s best that you plan properly for your duplex elevation. That’s because the … Read more

14 Types of Stones in building construction (composition & properties)

Types of stones used in construction

A lot of civil engineering projects like building construction and commercial construction use stone as a basic construction material. Due to their toughness and durability, stones are like high-end construction material. Whether it is a road, a building, a bridge, a retaining wall, or any kind of construction project – stones serve significant purposes. There … Read more

Post and Lintel Construction – Advantages & Disadvantages

Post & lintel Construction

Post and lintel construction is found in architectural designs of Roman Empire and prehistoric times. Post and lintel construction consists of columns covered by stone lintels. It can comprise of one or more level by placing verticals on top of the horizontals using lintels as foundation. You might have heard about Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England … Read more

4 Predominant Building Materials for Deck Building

There are four predominant building materials used for deck building in Toronto. These materials are differing in terms of price, cost per square foot, durability, and maintenance. The cost of each material will also vary, as will the aesthetics and quality. You should also take into account the weight of the materials. The following are … Read more

Raised Foundation – Pros & Cons – Cost

Raised foundation

Foundations are of two types when we consider building a home on site one is raised foundation and other is slab foundation. A slab foundation consists of slab of reinforced concrete which is spread over subsoil over which building is constructed. Other is raised foundation which is footing spread around the perimeter of building with … Read more