How Technological Innovations Elevating Civil Engineering Industry

Civil engineering is an ever-evolving industry. With advancements in technology, the methods and ways of civil engineering have changed a lot. Everything from concrete to design to building massive structures, things have changed drastically over the period of time. Humans have changed their lifestyle, living environment, and ways to create minor to giant buildings. Of … Read more

Civil Engineering Software List (You should know)

Just like any other field, civil engineering has been revolutionized by modern management, planning, designing, modeling, and collaboration software. Civil Engineering software list can include massive number of such applications. But being a student or even in professional field you must know the use of software relevant to your field of interest or expertise. During … Read more

Orthographic projection in Engineering Drawing – PDF – Examples

Orthographic projection in drawing

Orthographic projection also sometimes known as orthogonal projection is a projection system in which three-dimensional figure is drawn to several two-dimensional sections. In this system parallel lines are drawn from projection plane which are orthogonal to projection plane. These parallel lines are used for preparation of drawing of object. In such drawing it is assumed … Read more

7 Trends in Architecture You got to Read About

Not all the trends we see in architecture and design happen overnight. They are slowly evolving and adapting to the way we live today. From building technology that develops and adapts to the needs for better sustainability of our planet to building designs that respond to the needs of the community they inhabit; architectural designs … Read more

Grounding grates: why they’re important at construction site? – EPZ Grates

Grounding grates are important pieces of equipment because they protect workers from electrical shock and electrocution, which can be fatal if not treated immediately. But to help you understand why grounding grates are so important, we’ll first need to cover some basics about electricity and how it works in the workplace, as well as the … Read more

Importance of Technology in Architecture

Architecture is a craft that will never stop evolving. It started as complex drawings on paper to plan a design, but architects now rely on 3D and drawing software to create any new structure. Architects depend on technology and architect-specific software to assimilate the progression and development of their designs. The technology of architecture itself … Read more

Top 10 Construction Mistakes you should Avoid but are common

Construction Mistakes top 10

Mistakes are part and parcel of every kind of project whether it is related to construction sector or any other. However, a construction project involves minutiae of details that are often overlooked at certain levels resulting in common construction mistakes. Because of the subtle nature of technicalities that surround a project, sometimes intentionally, and more … Read more