Asking the Contractor the Right Questions Before Hiring Him for Your Kitchen Renovation Is Essential!

Most homeowners take up kitchen remodeling, which is most popular among home renovation projects. Kitchen improvements carried out by a general contractor are usually quite affordable and enhance the look and functionality while adding good value to home equity. The financial benefits of kitchen improvement projects are high, too, as these have some of the … Read more

Civil Engineering Software List (You should know)

Just like any other field, civil engineering has been revolutionized by modern management, planning, designing, modeling, and collaboration software. Civil Engineering software list can include massive number of such applications. But being a student or even in professional field you must know the use of software relevant to your field of interest or expertise. During … Read more

Orthographic projection in Engineering Drawing – PDF – Examples

Orthographic projection in drawing

Orthographic projection also sometimes known as orthogonal projection is a projection system in which three-dimensional figure is drawn to several two-dimensional sections. In this system parallel lines are drawn from projection plane which are orthogonal to projection plane. These parallel lines are used for preparation of drawing of object. In such drawing it is assumed … Read more

Test of Bricks – 7+ Quality parameters for bricks at site

Are you looking to undertake a project involving bricks and are bit worried about quality of bricks. If yes, you must act swiftly and undertake test of bricks. Some of these quality control parameters are a simple DIY job. So, let’s see some of the common tests on bricks to avoid hefty loss on your … Read more

Civil Engineering Salary – Top Countries paying highest salary

Civil Engineering Salary

Apart from all that passion and desire to build things; salary is always in your mind while you’re pursuing your graduation and are now about to choose a major. So, you start comparing average salaries of various engineering disciplines in your country. Hence, the most obvious question you have in your mind right now is … Read more

Architecture vs Civil Engineering – A better choice


As civil engineers and architects, we all strive to make a positive impact on the world around us. Whether that’s designing buildings that are beautiful, sustainable and comfortable or creating cities that are safe, fun and easy to navigate. But what’s the better choice – architecture vs civil engineering? However, it’s pretty easy to mix … Read more

Benefits of CAD software for civil engineers


The benefits of CAD software are many. It helps drafters perform their tasks more efficiently and accurately. The computer-based systems can analyze designs and make changes to them before you can present them to clients. It also allows key stakeholders to access the designs from anywhere. These benefits make CAD a critical tool in civil … Read more

Is Civil Engineering Suitable for girls?

Is Civil Engineering suitable for girls

You’re asking if civil engineering is suitable for girls because you’re already aware that civil engineering is a male dominant profession. But you’ll be amazed to know that about 23% of civil engineers in United States are women. Moreover, the percentage of female civil engineers in United States has increased from 18% to 23% in … Read more

Top 8+ skills every Civil Engineer must have– ($$Bonus$$ Tips)


Whether you’re a civil engineer working for construction project or are aiming to be one, there’re essential skills you must have to succeed in career. A career in a dynamic field like construction and civil engineering is full of twists and turns. You, being a professional, have to develop set of unique abilities and skills … Read more