Is your condo up to code? Here’s an easy way to tell

Is your condo up to code? Here's an easy way to tell

Condominiums have become an increasingly popular housing option for many people, offering convenience and amenities in a communal living environment. However, as the demand for condominiums rises, some developers may cut corners to meet this demand, potentially leading to safety hazards and code violations. This raises an important question for residents: is your condo up … Read more

Prefabricated Trusses – Types & Advantages

Prefab Trusses - roof trusses

Nowadays a lot of homeowners are deciding to get prefab trusses or prefabricated trusses during new roof or roofing replacement. That’s probably because of the cost and the convenience. These types of trusses allow general contractor to maintain superior speed and precision during erection of complicated roof and ceiling designs.   There’re different names to … Read more

4 Predominant Building Materials for Deck Building

There are four predominant building materials used for deck building in Toronto. These materials are differing in terms of price, cost per square foot, durability, and maintenance. The cost of each material will also vary, as will the aesthetics and quality. You should also take into account the weight of the materials. The following are … Read more

What is a Freehold Property? – Advantages – Disadvantages – VS Leasehold property

What is a Freehold Property

Are you looking to sell your freehold land? Or want to know what the legal term for freehold is? You’re not alone. A lot of investors are confused about these terminologies in the real-estate world of countries like NZ, UK, Canada, US, Scotland, South Africa or Dubai. These terms are like leasehold, freehold, or the … Read more