5 Ingenious Halloween dorm decorations for 2022

Let’s create a super haunting atmosphere this season with our best Halloween dorm decorations or Halloween bedroom decorations DIY ideas. They’re pretty simple and easy to follow.  As the leaves are changing colors and pumpkin scents are erupting out of every store, it’s time for my favorite holiday season: The Halloween! I just love the … Read more

7 Trends in Architecture You got to Read About

Not all the trends we see in architecture and design happen overnight. They are slowly evolving and adapting to the way we live today. From building technology that develops and adapts to the needs for better sustainability of our planet to building designs that respond to the needs of the community they inhabit; architectural designs … Read more

9 Benefits of Perforated Aluminum Sheets & Applications

A perforated aluminum sheet has various patterns or holes in different shapes that are stamped or punched manually or mechanically. In case of mechanical punching, manufacturers use various techniques like laser-cutting technology or CNC machines. Aluminum is one of the widely used materials to produced perforated metal sheets along with galvanized iron and stainless steel. … Read more

Rough opening for a garage door of sizes 16′, 18′, 8′, 9′, 10′, 12′

Rough Opening for garage doors

Few weeks back, I’ve just managed to complete my garage door replacement project and I though it’s worth sharing my experience of how do you measure for garage door in the right fashion. A lot of homeowners are confused about terms like rough opening, rough framing, and finished opening. The process might simple like just … Read more

Steel Frame Building: Prefabricated & Tiny Houses made easy

Steel Frame building involves use of steel elements as beam and columns as a construction system. This skeletal frame structure is not just easy to construct but it also allows modular and prefabricated construction possible. This light weight framing system is quite popular in different structural configurations like rigid frame structural system, shear wall system, braced-frame, … Read more

Ceiling Cracks: When you should worry? (Types – With Pictures)

Are you googling “ceiling cracks when to worry?”, if yes; that means you’ve got cracks in the ceiling and are now wondering what could just be the possible reason of such an annoyance.   Well, at this stage you might be blaming some poor quality of construction or maybe you’re afraid of having a foundation … Read more

Crawl space Jacks & Foundation Jacks – (Installation Process & Cost)

If you’re dealing with bouncy or sagging floors, crawlspace jacks also known as foundation jacks or smart jacks are the perfect solution. They’re easily available in different sizes and heights for jacking up floor joists along crawl space. Whether you have a squeaky floor or collapsing joists, you crawl space floor system might be compromised. … Read more