Common Home Appliance Problems and How to Fix Them

Maintaining the functionality of home appliances is essential for a smooth daily life. However, just like any other machinery, appliances can encounter issues over time. From a malfunctioning refrigerator to a misbehaving washing machine, these hiccups can be frustrating. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the common problems various home appliances face and provide practical … Read more

Plumbing System Design: Key Considerations For Engineers

Designing an efficient plumbing system is essential to any building project. With the right planning and implementation, engineers can ensure that all future water demands are met without ever having to compromise safety or waste resources. Here are some of the key factors you should consider when designing a plumbing system 1. Drain Cleaning Firstly, … Read more

Crawl Space Foundation – Pros & Cons – Vs Slab foundation

Crawlspace foundations are a pretty common type of foundations for homes in America. Unlike slab or slab-at-grade foundations, it brings inherent benefits like protection from flooding. It offers flexibility during an earthquake or seismic activity.   At the same time, you can face problems with a crawlspace. If you won’t control the moisture penetration, you can … Read more

Raised Foundation – Pros & Cons – Cost

Raised foundation

Foundations are of two types when we consider building a home on site one is raised foundation and other is slab foundation. A slab foundation consists of slab of reinforced concrete which is spread over subsoil over which building is constructed. Other is raised foundation which is footing spread around the perimeter of building with … Read more

Bulldozer uses in Construction – Types – Blade sizes


Bulldozers or simply dozer is a machine that is mainly used for digging, pushing, excavating, and for leveling the different materials like soils, coarse aggregate for roads and removal of debris at work site. Different types of bulldozer with varying sizes are available in the market. Among the most common types of heavy equipment used … Read more

Mat Foundation – Definition, Types, Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

mat foundation

A mat foundation is defined as a thick reinforced concrete slab that spreads over a large area of soil and transfers loads to the underneath soil. It supports all the columns and load bearing walls of a structure. A Mat foundation covers the entire footprint of a building. It is also commonly known as Raft … Read more

4 Types of Foundation Drainage with their pros and cons

Types of foundation drainage system

All structures have some kind of foundation which safely carries loads from the structure to the ground. Foundation is the most critical part of any structure and due we need to take due measures to ensure its safety. Apart from structural requirements, a proper drainage system is the key factor which ensures proper functioning of … Read more

What is pile foundation? 9 Types of Pile Foundation (Must Know)

Types of Pile Foundation

A pile foundation is primarily a type of deep foundation that is a long-cylindrical column that transfers the building or structure’s load deep inside the earth to firm strata. There’re different types of pile foundation to suit the site or load situation. Based on the construction methodology, we know following types of pile foundations: Bored … Read more

Continuous Footing – Detail – Diagram – 3 types (DETAILED GUIDE)

Continuous Footing

Continuous footing is a type of shallow footing that supports long masonry, RCC wall, and two or more column in a row or line. It is same as strip footing for wall. We prefer it to support load-bearing walls. We can also use it when two or more columns are in row and close together. … Read more