How much does a cinder block weigh? (4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″ Blocks)

So, while you’re planning for your construction project material delivery, you need to know how much does a cinder block weigh, to accurately know the number of trips for delivery trucks required for your project.  You also need to know how heavy is cinder block; while you’re planning for material delivery in high-rise buildings. A … Read more

9 Benefits of Perforated Aluminum Sheets & Applications

A perforated aluminum sheet has various patterns or holes in different shapes that are stamped or punched manually or mechanically. In case of mechanical punching, manufacturers use various techniques like laser-cutting technology or CNC machines. Aluminum is one of the widely used materials to produced perforated metal sheets along with galvanized iron and stainless steel. … Read more

How to Make Custom Plastic Parts with CNC Machines

Making custom plastic parts is a great way to get creative with your manufacturing process. CNC machines can be a cost-effective way to create custom plastic parts. Custom CNC machining plastic parts will reduce labor costs and have a shorter lead time, increased productivity, and less waste. There are some factors to consider before proceeding … Read more

14 Types of Stones in building construction (composition & properties)

Types of stones used in construction

A lot of civil engineering projects like building construction and commercial construction use stone as a basic construction material. Due to their toughness and durability, stones are like high-end construction material. Whether it is a road, a building, a bridge, a retaining wall, or any kind of construction project – stones serve significant purposes. There … Read more