Adaptive Driving Beams: How Engineers Can Ensure Road Safety And Visibility 

Adaptive driving beams (ADBs) are key to preventing nighttime road crashes, yet the U.S. is “decades behind” when it comes to implementing this life-saving technology. ADBs were rolled-out across Europe in 2012, yet still aren’t commonplace in the U.S. Since designing and testing ADBs is a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming process, physics-based simulations can instead help … Read more

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2023: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Kitchen remodeling has gained widespread attention over recent years. Kitchens often serve as the hub of a home where families gather to cook, dine and socialize; therefore it comes as no surprise that homeowners invest in upgrading their kitchens to make them more practical, stylish and cozy. Kitchen renovation offers more benefits than aesthetics alone; … Read more

How to Calculate Amount of Retaining Wall Materials Needed?

Retaining Walls as the name suggests retain backfill also they instantly enhance any landscape design. A retaining wall must have the strength to stand back the weight of soil, plants, and sometimes other structural member. There are a variety of material we can use to build a retaining wall which includes wood, patio stones and … Read more

How much does a cinder block weigh? (4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″ Blocks)

So, while you’re planning for your construction project material delivery, you need to know how much does a cinder block weigh, to accurately know the number of trips for delivery trucks required for your project.  You also need to know how heavy is cinder block; while you’re planning for material delivery in high-rise buildings. A … Read more

9 Benefits of Perforated Aluminum Sheets & Applications

A perforated aluminum sheet has various patterns or holes in different shapes that are stamped or punched manually or mechanically. In case of mechanical punching, manufacturers use various techniques like laser-cutting technology or CNC machines. Aluminum is one of the widely used materials to produced perforated metal sheets along with galvanized iron and stainless steel. … Read more

How to Make Custom Plastic Parts with CNC Machines

Making custom plastic parts is a great way to get creative with your manufacturing process. CNC machines can be a cost-effective way to create custom plastic parts. Custom CNC machining plastic parts will reduce labor costs and have a shorter lead time, increased productivity, and less waste. There are some factors to consider before proceeding … Read more