Tube Structures system in Building Construction – 5 Types & Features (Must Know)

Different types of Tubular Structure system

The tube structure is a recent development in structural engineering that is a technique to design a high-rise structure with having better resistance to lateral loads such as wind, seismic and impact load. It is a structural system such that the building acts like a hollow cylinder perpendicular to the ground. The tube system was … Read more

Crawl space Jacks & Foundation Jacks – (Installation Process & Cost)

If you’re dealing with bouncy or sagging floors, crawlspace jacks also known as foundation jacks or smart jacks are the perfect solution. They’re easily available in different sizes and heights for jacking up floor joists along crawl space. Whether you have a squeaky floor or collapsing joists, you crawl space floor system might be compromised. … Read more

Prefabricated Trusses – Types & Advantages

Prefab Trusses - roof trusses

Nowadays a lot of homeowners are deciding to get prefab trusses or prefabricated trusses during new roof or roofing replacement. That’s probably because of the cost and the convenience. These types of trusses allow general contractor to maintain superior speed and precision during erection of complicated roof and ceiling designs.   There’re different names to … Read more