Main door elevation designs – Make a Grand Entrance

First impression counts and your main door elevation design matters a lot. Whether you’re looking to plunge on a home improvement project or are looking for ways to boost the resale value; it’s the best trick you have in your pocket. You can elevate the curb appeal of your house with our collection of inspiring … Read more

LVL Beam – Everything including Sizes – Cost – Span Calculator

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is one of the most commonly engineered wood materials used in construction. It is a composite product made of many thin layers of veneer that align the length of the final timber. In our today’s blog post we’ll talk about LVL beam sizes, LVL beam span, LVL beam span calculator, LVL … Read more

How much does a gallon of Sand Weigh? – 2 Gallons – 3 Gallons – 4 & 5 Gallons

How much does a gallon of sand weigh?

Whether you’re doing some landscaping job or are planning for your delivery of materials; know how much does a gallon of sand weigh is a common question. Homeowners are often wondering how heavy is a bucket of sand or how heavy is a gallon of sand? Sand is a building material which is used for … Read more

Basic Electrical Fittings – Wire Guide – (Types, Sizes, Installation)

Electrical wiring can be challenging, particularly for a beginner. Engaging a professional in any task that is not straightforward is often advisable. If you don’t, there’s a chance of harm, destruction, or fire. There are several fundamental concepts about wiring installation that you should be aware of if you decide to finish a DIY project … Read more

Common Plumbing Problems and How to avoid them? (Don’t lose money)

Common plumbing issues and problems

The most common plumbing problems include running toilets, leaky taps and pipes, hot water system troubles, clogged drains – mainly in toilets, and low water pressure. And for your convenience, we have discussed these common plumbing issues and how to act as a homeowner to avoid them. It’s natural for your home’s plumbing to develop … Read more

How many 40lb, 50lb, 60lb and 80lb bags of concrete are in a cubic yard

how many bags of concrete in a yard

While you’re using ready-mix bag of concrete, you’re interested to know how many bags of concrete in a yard? Well, bags of concrete per yard depend on the size of the bag you choose. An 80 lb bag of concrete will obviously cover more per yard than a lb bag. Be it Quikrete, Skrete, or … Read more