Air entraining agents – Definition – 5 Types

We intentionally entrain microscopic air bubbles in concrete to enhance its durability against freeze and thaw. Air entraining agent or pore-forming agents are admixtures that are used to incorporate air into the concrete mix. They enhance the workability of concrete and improve resistance against salt scaling or freeze and thawing.…continue reading →

Five civil engineering business ideas

Civil engineering is a profitable career option that relates to the construction and maintenance of the natural or physically built environment. Civil engineers are bringing a change in the way we live with their innovative public work like improved roads, dams, canals, airports, bridges, and pipeline systems.   Upon completion…continue reading →

11 Basic Components of a Building (Must Know)

A residential building or housing has many parts or components. They all perform their intended purpose so the building can be effortlessly sleek. If any part of your home is not functioning properly it may have adverse impact on other parts. A sinking foundation will have differential settlement in the…continue reading →