Steel Frame Building: Prefabricated & Tiny Houses made easy

Steel Frame building involves use of steel elements as beam and columns as a construction system. This skeletal frame structure is not just easy to construct but it also allows modular and prefabricated construction possible. This light weight framing system is quite popular in different structural configurations like rigid frame structural system, shear wall system, braced-frame, … Read more

The 5 Best Construction Apps to Boost Productivity in 2022

The 5 Best Construction Apps to Boost Productivity in 2022

Construction in 2022 will be changing drastically. New apps are being developed to help construction workers streamline their jobs and create amazing projects faster and easier than ever before. There is an app for everyone, and construction workers are no exception; construction apps help contractors and construction workers with their jobs from start to finish. … Read more

Magnesite Flooring: All you need to know about repairs

Magnesite Flooring

If you’re living in Sydney, Australia; you might already know about Magnesite flooring. It’s a floor leveler on concrete that was once the most popular choice in early 1920s through 1990s. In terms of material, Magnesite is made through magnesium oxychloride in the form of cement. As filler, instead of aggregates, wood chips or sawdust … Read more

Crawl Space Foundation – Pros & Cons – Vs Slab foundation

Crawlspace foundations are a pretty common type of foundations for homes in America. Unlike slab or slab-at-grade foundations, it brings inherent benefits like protection from flooding. It offers flexibility during an earthquake or seismic activity.   At the same time, you can face problems with a crawlspace. If you won’t control the moisture penetration, you can … Read more

Setting of Cement – Initial & Final Setting time of cement

Understanding the concept of setting time of cement is important while handling concrete like transporting, placing, and compaction. Setting of cement is relevant to concepts like hydration process and hardening. In normal circumstances, when you are using concrete, you want it in a workable or flow-able condition for pouring in desired shape. That’s because it … Read more

Plane Table Survey – Methods, Advantages and Disadvantages

Plane table surveying

Plane table survey is a graphic method of surveying in which field work and plotting are done simultaneously. It is the fastest and easiest method of surveying where great accuracy is not a concern. It is useful for filling in details between stations fixed by other methods. In plane table survey, no heavy and costly … Read more

Types of pipes for plumbing of your house (Pros & Cons)

Whether it’s your home or some major civil engineering construction project, pipes are always an integral part. Different types of pipes based on material like cast iron, concrete, wrought iron, HDPE, and Plastic, and steel pipes are used. In residential plumbing of a house, common types of pipes include flexi, cast iron, galvanized steel, copper, … Read more