Sand Cone test Method for Field Density of Soil

Sand Cone test is a compaction test to measure density of soil in the field. You can obtain in-situ density of natural soil. The test is suitable for determination of the dry density of compact, fine, and medium-grained soils. Sand Cone test is also referred to as Sand Replacement method in India and Pakistan. That … Read more

Dry density of soil – Relationship of dry density with moisture content

Maximum Dry Density of Soil

Dry density is an important concept in geotechnical engineering. When you’re in the field for soil compaction, you need to know the parameters that affect the dry density of soil. You might also be looking for related terms like dry unit weight of soil, bulk density of soil, or density of soil solids. Definition of … Read more

4R Principle – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover

4R Principle to reduce solid waste

The 4R principle deals with how we use plastic goods and solid waste in our daily lives. Reduce, Recycle, Refuse, and Reuse are the four R’s that protects the environment and prevent land pollution. It is a way to enhance the recycling process of plastic and other solid waste. Let us just take a closer … Read more

Irrigation – Methods of Irrigation – Advantages

Irrigation is crucial for good yield and growth of crops. With growing demand of food and crops, relying only on rain is not a good approach these days. The rainfall is unexpected and inadequate. That’s where the irrigation comes handy. Irrigation Methods Five common methods of irrigation are: Flooding Furrow irrigation Trickle Sprinkling Sub irrigation … Read more

Slump Test Experiment – Apparatus – Types – Procedure

Slump Test Experiment

Slump test is a laboratory or site experiment civil engineers perform to assess the workability of the concrete. With such, the test is also referred to as slump cone test or concrete workability slump test. During concrete pouring, you need to check the uniform quality of concrete in terms of consistency and workability. Fresh concrete … Read more

Engineering Communication by Knisely [PDF] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Engineering Communication by Knisely [PDF] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This book of Engineering Communication is by the authors Charles W. Knisely & Karin I. Kinsely. It is a must-to-have book for all engineers who want to learn communication. With this book in pdf format you got 607 pages of pure guidelines and free access to stream of information about engineering communication. Kinsely has formulated … Read more

7+ Reasons Site Safety is important for Project Owners

Role of project owner in construction safety has always been a debatable subject. Most owners are a bit reluctant in actively participating in safety measures at the project. They take it as a part of a contractor’s work and leave it for him to take care of. But such should not be the case. I … Read more