What is a tie beam? – Details – Advantages  – Reinforcement – Design

A tie beam is a structural beam that connects two columns at any height higher than the floor. The term “tie”, which refers to its purpose, is used to connect two columns or other structures. Tie beams can be used to reduce the effective length of columns and to decrease their slenderness ratio. Primary and … Read more

What is plinth Beam? – Purpose – Application – Types

What is plinth beam

A reinforced concrete beam that is placed between the foundation and wall is called a plinth beam. Plinth beams are used to stop cracks from extending from the foundation into walls above, when foundation settlement is occurring. Plinth beams evenly distribute the wall’s load over the foundation. What is plinth Beam? A plinth beam is … Read more

What is injection grouting – Purpose – Types – Procedure

What is injection grouting

Injection grouting is a technique of repair used to fill up gaps, cracks, voids or annular spaces between joints in concrete walls, masonry or underground structures. Injection grouting is carried out with a specialized type of grout material that is filled under pressure and set hardened according to the shape of void or crack. We … Read more

Difference between Short Column and long Column

Difference between long column and short column

Apart from the length as the obvious difference between a short column and a long column, other differences are there. So, today’s post is about short columns vs. long columns. Definition of column A column is a vertical element of a structure that transfers compressive loading. Designers provide it in all frame concrete structures. It … Read more

Lintel Beam – Uses – Types – Advantages – Disadvantages

What is lintel beam

So, you’re wondering what a lintel beam is and why we provide it across the openings in a building.  Well, to your surprise, lintels are not new. You can even see lintel beams in buildings of primitive time, mainly in the form of arches. Designers provide these arches at the top of the opening for … Read more

Falsework – Types of Falsework – Applications – Components

Uses of Falsework

If you’re constructing a bridge, you will support the deck with a temporary structure until it can sustain. Wouldn’t you? That is what falsework is. Well, a temporary support to a permanent structure, material, or plant during construction is what we define as falsework. So, in today’s read I’ve skimmed through every bit of detail … Read more

Dog-Legged Staircase – What is Staircase – Advantages & Disadvantages

Dog-legged Staircase

With so many types of staircases, finding the right one seems overwhelming. Anyhow, we can relate hundreds of reasons why dog-legged staircase is the best pick for you, no matter what. So, in today’s read I’m going to reveal some of the hidden facts about the dog-legged staircase. Let’s get started: What is a staircase? … Read more

Tie Down Anchors for Mobile Homes – Types & Installation

Tie downs and Anchors for Mobile Home

While living in a manufactured home or mobile home, you are always worried about the stability of its foundation against harsh winds and destructive seismic activity. As a mobile homeowner, you enjoy its light weightiness and portability, but at the same time, these homes are defenseless against natural calamities; in the absence of a proper … Read more