LVL Beam Calculator – Span – Size – Cost (Complete Guide)

Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is one of the most commonly engineered wood materials used in construction. It is a composite product made of many thin layers of veneer that align the length of the final timber. In our today’s blog post we’ll talk about LVL beam sizes, LVL beam span, LVL beam span calculator, LVL … Read more

How much does a gallon of Sand Weigh? – 2 Gallons – 3 Gallons – 4 & 5 Gallons

How much does a gallon of sand weigh?

Whether you’re doing some landscaping job or are planning for your delivery of materials; know how much does a gallon of sand weigh is a common question. Homeowners are often wondering how heavy is a bucket of sand or how heavy is a gallon of sand? Sand is a building material which is used for … Read more

How many 40lb, 50lb, 60lb and 80lb bags of concrete are in a cubic yard

how many bags of concrete in a yard

While you’re using ready-mix bag of concrete, you’re interested to know how many bags of concrete in a yard? Well, bags of concrete per yard depend on the size of the bag you choose. An 80 lb bag of concrete will obviously cover more per yard than a lb bag. Be it Quikrete, Skrete, or … Read more

How much does a bag of concrete cover? (Bags of 40 lb, 60 lb, 80 lb, & 90lb)

Area cover for one bag of concrete

While you’re repairing foundation walls, paving a driveway or building a sidewalk; you need ready-mix concrete bags. There’re different sizes of bags available like 40 lbs, 60 lbs, 80 lbs and 90 lbs (on the basis of weight). But before buying ready-mix concrete bag, you might be interested to know how much does a bag … Read more

Concrete Block Calculator – How many blocks you need?

While working on masonry projects, there’re number of times you need a Concrete block calculator to help you calculate concrete blocks needed to build a wall.   Whether you’re laying a new wall or are replacing a brick wall with a concrete block, this online calculator help you estimate the number of blocks required as … Read more

Crawl Space Foundation – Pros & Cons – Vs Slab foundation

Crawlspace foundations are a pretty common type of foundations for homes in America. Unlike slab or slab-at-grade foundations, it brings inherent benefits like protection from flooding. It offers flexibility during an earthquake or seismic activity.   At the same time, you can face problems with a crawlspace. If you won’t control the moisture penetration, you can … Read more

Fence Cost Calculator – Wood – Chain link – Vinyl – Privacy

Finding the overall cost of fence installation project is quite a daunting task. It involves knowing the average costs and finding the dimensions for your home. If you’re lucky to have a simple lot, finding dimensions might be a simple step but knowing average cost is a whole new ball game. But with our fence … Read more