Standard Sizes of Doors (mm, cm) (Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room)

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So, you’re looking to replace your outdated door with a brand new piece but are wondering what the standard size of door is. Well, it’s not that you can choose the size of the door based on your needs but there’s a common practice to follow standard sizes depending on the type of room, size of room, and frequency of movement by occupants.

You can’t use the size of the door recommended for commercial space in your house or vice versa. So, it’s important to the know the standard sizes of doors and choose the right type for your house or commercial property.

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Why standard sizes of doors?

A door is an openable barrier used for opening and closing an entrance or to provide access to different rooms of a building. In olden days only simple doors were in use and they opened by pushing the door inside. But now at present variety of doors are used and the mechanism for opening and closing can be revolving, sliding, folding, swinging etc.

The door is an important building component that is used to serve various purposes. It provides an aesthetical look to a home and play vital role in home security and privacy. It helps in blocking or allowing particular individuals.

The type of door used for buildings depends upon some factors such as durability, heat, water resistance, location, security etc. Usually, doors are used in main entrance, bedroom, bathroom, drawing room. But the size of all the doors is not same. The size of door is different in different rooms of building depending upon the location, aesthetics and type of room. In this article we will discuss the standard size of doors used in different countries.

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Standard Size of Doors

Based on the location of door, it is classified into two types: Exterior doors and interior doors. The exterior door size is large as compared interior door. The size of exterior and interior door vary from country to country.

The door size is designed based on the requirements, but the most standard size of door is 42” wide and 80” tall. The thickness of door can be different in different size door, but the most common thickness of interior doors are 1-3/8”, 1-1/2”. The standard size of door may vary for main entrance door because it includes large opening and double-opening swinging door is most commonly used for exterior main entrance.

Standard Single opening Exterior Door Size

Exterior single door size in feet – 6’ 8” (Height) X 3’ 6” (Width)

Standard Double-opening Exterior Door Size

Exterior double door size in cm – 6’ 8” (Height) X 5’ 4” (Width)

Standard Interior Door Size

Interior door size in feet – 6’ 8” (Height) X 3’ 0” (Width)

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Standard width of door

The width of door does not have any fixed value as modern house designs adapt different widths. But for typical house width of interior door range from 30” to 36”. Similarly for single opening exterior doors width adopted is 42”. The width of double-opening exterior doors is almost double as compared to single opening door which is usually 72” to 80”.

These are the standard minimum widths according to the codes which should be kept in mind while considering space to enter or exit an individual or resident.

Standard height of door

The height of door depends upon many factors such as place, purpose, aesthetics, interior or exterior. The height of door is different in residential and commercial buildings.

Usually, the standard height of door is kept 7’ which is enough for residential buildings. In large commercial and shopping plazas the height of exterior doors is kept 8’ to 9’ which gives more attractive look.

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Standard Door Size Around Different Countries

Standard Door Size In USA

The standard size of door used in USA for interior door is 30″ x 80″ inches while exterior size of doors for residential buildings is 36″ x 80″.

Some other common door sizes which are adapted in USA are 24″ x 80″, 28″ x 80″, 32″ x 80″, 36″ x 80″. The selection of size of door depends upon the location of door and comfort of residents for easy access.

Standard Door Size in United Kingdom

While in the UK, the door size varies from different sizes based on requirements, design, and purpose they serve. Most commonly, the door size in the UK is 30″ X 78″.

While one can also consider some other standard size like as 24” X 78”, 27” x 78”, 30” x 78”, 33” x 78”, 34” x 78”, 36” x 84”

Standard Door Size in India and Pakistan

The average size of door adapted in India and Pakistan is 30″ x 80″ for interior doors and 42″ x 80″ for single opening exterior doors. The standard door opening for double-opening exterior doors is 60” x80” While some other door sizes are also adapted based on design requirements like 32″ x 80″, 36″ x 80″.

Standard Door Size in Australia

The standard size of door adopted in Australia is 32″ x 80″. Apart from these some other door sizes like 20″ x 80″, 24″ x 80″, 28″ x 80″, 30″ x 80″, 34″ x 80″, 36″ x 80″ are also in use depending upon the location of door, type of building.

Different Types of door size

Entrance Door

Entrance doors can be single doors or double doors based on design requirements.

Height (inch)Total width (inch)Width of each wing/door (inch)

Single Door Size

Double Door Size

Height (inch)Width (inch)

Interior Door



The standard width and height of door are crucial elements of building design. These measurements are determined by using building codes and regulations and are used as a guideline for builders and architects to ensure that doors are functional, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing.

In different countries almost the standard size of residential door is 80 inches in height and 30” to 36” inches in width for internal rooms of a home and for external main entrance its width is kept 60” to 70”.

While standard door sizes and heights can be adjusted to meet specific requirements, understanding these standards is important for ensuring that doors are properly designed and installed.

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