Real Estate Investment Tips for Absolute Beginners

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Being a newbie in real-estate, you’re always searching for guide about how to invest in realestate? Or things like Real estate investing for beginners with no money, real estate tips for begineers, or guide to investing in real estate.

Well, at this stage, investing can seem intimidating but with simple hacks, you can build a wealth with an even entry-level approach.

The American real estate market is lucrative and profitable, making it a great place to invest. If you have extra funds, think beyond stocks, mutual funds, and bonds, and enter the sector to double them in a few years.

Although the market is rewarding in the long run, you must understand it deep down to make the most of the opportunity.

Failing to do it, can risk your investment because the domain can be volatile and uncertain. While there are no shortcuts to success, you can follow some valuable advice to win the real estate investment game.

To your surprise, let me share my stats with you. I was just like you in few years back with that boring 9 to 5 job and Now I’m here with absolute financial freedom. I’ve increased my net worth about 19 times in the space of 2-3 years primarily through real estate investing.

Surprise: You know what; about 90% of millionaires in US own a real estate.

Let us share some proven hacks that absolute beginners can rely on.

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Real Estate Investment tips for beginners

1. Prioritize growth while buying properties

Growth should be on top of your mind as a real estate investor. After all, you will eventually want to sell a property when you invest in it. 

You must look for profitable deals, whether you plan to flip a property immediately or retain it for the long haul. Ensure it has a good resale value by considering key factors such as location, design, and features.

You can do your bit to enhance its value by investing in simple upgrades. Remodelling a kitchen or bathroom has the best ROI among all remodels. You don’t have to spend a fortune for such remodels. Only replacing the backsplash and refinishing cabinets can do wonders. Other improvements in a home can be:

  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Changing the entrance door
  • Enhancing front deck
  • Replacing old light fixtures with better and energy-efficient lights
  • Finish a basement
  • Setup a home office
  • Replace your home’s siding
  • Replacing garage door
  • Changing the interior paint
  • Add a deck or patio by Trueline patio
  • Adding an above ground pool in your backyard or a hot tub in your bathroom.

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2. Know the hidden costs

As a beginner, you will probably know that real estate investment is big deal. Most American markets are hot, and properties cost quite a bit.

You must have enough for the down payment and ensure ease of monthly mortgage payments. Besides the buying price, several hidden costs go into a deal.

These include registration fees, brokerage, taxes, and ownership costs such as basic maintenance, yearly upkeep, utilities, and upgrades. Knowing these costs is essential for planning your budget wisely.

3. Choose a niche

Experts recommend choosing a niche as an absolute beginner as it helps you to learn the ropes and lower your risks. You can consider various options like residential properties, commercial spaces, warehouses, and vacation rentals.

Alternatively, niche down to an area or neighborhood. For example, you can check reputable Chicago real estate developers to explore your options in Chicago and pick one with high growth potential.

Start small, and embrace more niches down the road once you are comfortable with the investment game.

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4. Perform your due diligence

Due diligence is non-negotiable, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor. Consider factors such as the neighbourhood, market value, and long-term growth potential.

Dig deep into factors like competition, lifestyle in residential properties, and commercial aspects for business rentals. Adopt due diligence as a habit when starting your journey, and it will be a way of life for you. 

5. Decide investment terms

Deciding your investment terms puts you in a good place as a beginner. Calculate rent, property maintenance fees, annual costs, and emergency funds to create a realistic budget.

The best way to grow your investment is by reinvesting your profits instead of tapping personal savings. Do not skimp on hiring a property manager because it can save you a lot of stress, specifically if you own properties in different locations.

Real estate investment can yield massive returns, provided you decode the game right from the outset. Follow these simple growth hacks to get the right start for your enterprise.

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Now that you’ve motivated, it’s time to see the whole picture of it. Real estate investing may make you debt-free in just a couple of years. But at the same time, it involves risk. In fact, wherever you invest, your money is at risk and even you earn money on the basis of that risk.

So, be sure to invest only when you’re sure how to handle or deal with the risk properly.

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