How much does a cinder block weigh? (4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″ Blocks)

So, while you’re planning for your construction project material delivery, you need to know how much does a cinder block weigh, to accurately know the number of trips for delivery trucks required for your project.  You also need to know how heavy is cinder block; while you’re planning for material delivery in high-rise buildings. A … Read more

Free Hand Sketching – Uses – Principles – PDF for beginners

Free hand sketching is the most basic element of engineering drawing. As the name suggests, drawings are made with a free hand without any instrument. Therefore, free hand sketching is the simplest and quickest way to transfer one’s ideas on to a piece of paper. Engineers use this approach at rudimentary stages of a project … Read more

Concrete Block Calculator – How many blocks you need?

While working on masonry projects, there’re number of times you need a Concrete block calculator to help you calculate concrete blocks needed to build a wall.   Whether you’re laying a new wall or are replacing a brick wall with a concrete block, this online calculator help you estimate the number of blocks required as … Read more

How much is a yard of concrete? – With Bonus tips to save money

Are you googling “how much is a yard of concrete?” if yes! You’ve arrived at the right place. When you’re dealing with ready mix concrete; estimating the cost per volume or cost per cubic yard is a critical step. Whether you’re working on a driveway, a slab, or a floor; the money you’re going to … Read more

Test of Bricks – 7+ Quality parameters for bricks at site

Are you looking to undertake a project involving bricks and are bit worried about quality of bricks. If yes, you must act swiftly and undertake test of bricks. Some of these quality control parameters are a simple DIY job. So, let’s see some of the common tests on bricks to avoid hefty loss on your … Read more

Post and Lintel Construction – Advantages & Disadvantages

Post & lintel Construction

Post and lintel construction is found in architectural designs of Roman Empire and prehistoric times. Post and lintel construction consists of columns covered by stone lintels. It can comprise of one or more level by placing verticals on top of the horizontals using lintels as foundation. You might have heard about Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England … Read more

Concrete Topping – Definition, Applications, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Concrete topping

Concrete topping, as the name suggests, is the application of high strength concrete on an old concrete surface. It is a simple yet effective method to rejuvenate deteriorated concrete structures. Not only does it increase the strength and durability of concrete structures, it also enhances their serviceability and increases the useable life. The overlay of … Read more