11+ Interior Design tips to make your home look expensive

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Today, I’m going to be sharing with you 10 decorating tips to make your home look more luxurious and expensive.

I just finished up an apartment makeover for my friend, and his one request was, “Make my home look expensive.”

And I think there’s so many amazing easy ways to accomplish that without breaking the bank, so I’m sharing some of my designer tips with you today, so that you can achieve that same look in your home.

Let’s go ahead and jump right into it.

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1. Window treatment – Use layering window treatment

Let’s talk about window treatments, because everyone has windows in their home, large or small, and window treatments can make or break your space.

They can also be the thing that adds a luxurious touch and feel to a space instantly.

So, one thing that I think you should consider doing to add this luxe feeling in your space is actually layering window treatments.

Using more than one type of window treatment on one single window.

You’ll notice this done all the time in high-end hotel design and high-end residential design.

As soon as you hang your drapes high and wide from your window, your space is going to look large and tall, and it’s going to frame out your window really nicely and add this soft luxurious touch.

But you may not want to be opening and closing your curtains every day for privacy.

So having this second treatment that’s actually the more functional treatment on your window is going to work wonders. These two different window treatments serve two different purposes: functionality and style.

You can layer your curtains with Roman Shades, roller blinds, wood blinds, you could even layer them with a sheer drape so that you have light filtering and privacy, as well as maybe a blackout feature with the curtain. I’ve done this in my living room because these windows are used every single day, and I wanted functionality and design to be considered.

I layered a light-colored roller shade so that we can have privacy but also light diffusion in here, as well as heavy drapes that are hung really high to frame out the windows. If I just had the roller Shades, it would look a little bit bare, so layering the two really helps to create this luxe soft look.

2. Rug Runners

Runners, often overlooked, play a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of various spaces within a home.

Whether adorning hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, or entryways, these slender rugs add a touch of elegance and style.

Walmart proves to be a treasure trove for acquiring exquisite runners at affordable prices.

For those inclined towards transitional or vintage-inspired designs, Laloy rugs offer an ideal blend of authenticity and durability.

Notably, the Margot antique sage rug, boasting Laloy’s cloud pile technology, stands out for its unparalleled softness, making it a versatile choice for any room, including family spaces.

Additionally, the allure of a jute rug lies in its natural fiber blend, exemplified by the captivating mix of jute and cream ivory tones.

To ensure safety and stability, it is imperative to secure rugs firmly to the floor. Utilizing carpet tape, such as the recommended product, not only prevents tripping hazards but also maintains the rugs’ placement effectively.

This adhesive solution proves beneficial for both indoor and outdoor rugs, offering hassle-free application and residue-free removal.

With Walmart’s convenient two-day shipping and a diverse range of stylish and budget-friendly options, transforming your living spaces with luxurious rugs becomes an effortless endeavor.

For further convenience, pertinent links to the mentioned runners and preferred rug tape are provided in the description box, facilitating seamless exploration and acquisition for interested individuals.

3. Stacking Décor – the Magic trick

If you’re styling any flat surfaces around your home, always remember to stack your decor. This is such a designer trick, and it goes a very long way. Anyone can do it, and it will instantly make your space look designer and luxurious, even if you’re using very affordable decor.

It’s all about stacking two or more decor pieces, and this is all about stacking things that are different sizes and shapes. I like to start with some kind of base, which is usually stacked books or a tray, something large and wide that’s going to hold your stacking arrangement.

You can then layer on top a candle and then maybe also have something on the side, which could be beads, it could be your candle wick cutter, it could be a little canister of matches, or it could just be your coasters.

Having this little arrangement of three stacked on top of each other creates an instant luxurious decorative touch. This is something that you’ll notice on every designer coffee table, every designer surface.

A lot of decor pieces are layered and stacked. This is, of course, something that you can do with items that you already have, so you don’t have to worry about going out and buying other things. Use what you have and put them together.

4. Furniture fusion – pairing pieces

I find that large furniture pieces like sideboards, cabinets, dressers look more expensive, but they also are more expensive.

So my favorite go-to way to create the look of an expensive large furniture piece is actually putting two small furniture pieces together.

This works for dressers, sideboards, storage cabinets, glass cabinets, anything that has a completely flat side so that you can put two pieces together and get a large look instantly.

You can save a ton of money this way and get the look of a very luxurious piece on a budget. I even finished off my friend’s cabinet with a little decorative box on top that helps hide that seam down the middle so that it looks like one seamless piece.

So if you’re seeing those gorgeous large sideboards and huge coffee tables and you want to get that same look on a budget, push multiple items together, and that will give you that exact same look for less.

5. Shape your Dining Room

If you want to make your dining room look more expensive, look more designer and luxe, make sure that you coordinate the size and shape of your dining table with your light fixture.

If you’re hanging a chandelier above your table, make sure that it matches that same overall shape of your table. If you have a round dining table, make sure that you have a light fixture that has an overall round shape to it.

It will really help frame out and style that dining room so much better and it won’t look so odd. I see a lot of rectangular dining tables paired with round light fixtures and that pairing seems to look a little odd and sometimes comes off a little bit.

Cheap because the light fixture looks too small for the table. I would actually double up on your light fixtures and hang two of them.

That’s going to help balance it out a little bit, and it’s going to create that length that you want over top of a rectangular dining table.

So if you’re picking a new chandelier or picking a new dining table, think about what is on top or below it and coordinate those shapes together.

6. Designer Drapes on a Budget

Now typically, more expensive custom drapes are very wide so they maintain that ripple even when the curtain is shut, and that is hard to accomplish if you have small narrow curtain panels.

So one little designer hack you can do to accomplish that width is actually doubling up on your curtain panel.

So instead of just hanging one panel on either side, you hang two on either side of your window. That’s going to create extra width, extra fabric, and once the curtains are pulled shut, you can still maintain that ripple and texture, and I think that works wonders.

Again, you don’t need to get expensive custom curtains to achieve this look; you can do this with the most affordable curtain option. It’s just about adding more fabric in there.

7. Planning is the way to have expensive look

Now every expensive designer space that you see and maybe admire was very well planned out, and you can do that exact same thing in your home as well. Planning is the key to success when it comes to creating a luxurious designer look.

I find when things look good beside each other on paper, they tend to look good in real life beside each other. So I do this for every single project. I just use Photoshop to plan out my spaces by just dragging and dropping images of all the furniture pieces and all the decor that I want to work with in that space to make sure that it all looks good together.

That’s really where you can see if things clash, if the shapes seem a little odd together, maybe the finishes and fabric is a little weird, that’s when you can really tell. So you can plan all this out beforehand and not make those mistakes when it’s too late.

8. Adding a fresh perspective

Transforming a room’s ambiance can be as simple as rearranging existing furniture and decorations. This cost-effective approach breathes new life into the space, fostering a fresh perspective without additional purchases. Experimenting with various layouts can enhance the room’s flow, increase functionality, and achieve a more visually balanced environment. 

To rejuvenate the space’s aesthetic and feel, consider moving pieces away from walls, delineating zones in open-plan areas, or interchanging decorative elements across rooms.

9. Elevate your wall art

Now if you’ve been wanting to hang some wall art around your home, maybe one large art piece or a gallery wall of some kind, consider using matted frames.

I find that matted frames look more expensive and just give you this high-end finished look as opposed to frames with no matte. So if you’re getting any photos printed or posters printed, you can actually save a little bit of money because you can downsize your print if you put it in a frame that has a mat.

I find matted frames actually brighten up your art as well; they kind of add a little bit more contrast, and they just create this uniform look in your home.

If you’re hanging a bunch of different artwork, maybe they are different colors or different styles, you can create some kind of uniform look to your gallery wall with the matted frame so that everything looks very similar but it’s also different at the same time.

There’s even some great frames out there that have more unique mattes in them that are maybe asymmetrical or large mats that really shrink your image size so that you have more white around the outside.

It’s just a different style; it adds this really clean look to your home and it’s something you can try out if you want to go for something a little bit different.

10. Greenery Elegance

Now something that every space needs, large or small, is a little pop of green. Every room could use some life through plants, branches, stems, flowers, trees; some kind of green element in every space will absolutely bring it to life.

You can do this with faux greenery, faux florals; there’s so many incredible options out there now that look extremely luxurious and will add such a designer touch to your space.

So bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, entryways, every room could use some greenery, and it will add that designer touch without putting in much effort at all.

Incorporating greenery into a room’s design introduces a natural, refreshing element that enhances the space’s beauty and ambiance.

Plants are not just decorative; they also contribute to cleaner air and foster a sense of well-being. 

To seamlessly integrate plants into your decor, select species that align with your lifestyle and the room’s lighting conditions, and use stylish pots and planters that complement the overall design theme.

This simple addition can significantly impact the environment, creating a more inviting and vibrant environment.

Sometimes room designs don’t look as luxurious if they don’t have enough soft elements in them. If everything is hard and solid and shiny, it’s not going to give a very warm, cozy, inviting feeling.

So I think every room needs some soft furnishings: pillows, throw blankets, rugs, curtains, ottomans. This is why runners in kitchens work so nicely because they add that soft detail in a very hard, solid space.

Also, throw pillows on sofas, if you have a leather sofa or something a little bit more modern-looking, adding throw pillows really softens the look of those pieces and makes them feel more approachable, welcoming, and comfortable.

So you can add soft furnishings and soft decorative details in almost every room of your home, and it’s actually going to elevate your space even more.

11. Personalize with Accessories and Art

Infusing personal flair into spaces indeed turns a dwelling into a cherished home. Exhibiting items that tell your story, like treasured family photographs, cherished heirlooms, or collected mementos, adds meaning and intimacy to your environment.

Art plays a pivotal role in this personalization, with each piece reflecting individual tastes and sparking imaginative thought and dialogue. 

Whether through bold, singular artwork or a thoughtfully composed gallery wall, these elements serve as visual anchors, adding depth and personality.

When curating these pieces, aligning with the room’s existing color palette and design style ensures a harmonious blend that resonates with your unique identity.

12. Maximize Space with Smart Storage

Clutter can quickly overwhelm the space in smaller living areas, making it feel cramped and uncomfortable. Incorporating smart storage solutions is critical to maintaining a tidy and spacious environment.

Consider converting underutilized areas into functional storage spaces. For example, a room transformation can seamlessly integrate additional storage while enhancing the room’s aesthetic appeal. Utilizing furniture with built-in storage, such as ottomans or beds with drawers, can also help keep clutter at bay without sacrificing style.

13. Illuminate with Intention

Strategic lighting serves practical needs and artistically enhances a room’s character. Thoughtful illumination can spotlight architectural details, showcase art, and warmly invite inhabitants into various spaces. By integrating a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting, you can sculpt a functional and enchantingly cozy atmosphere. 

Updating fixtures or diversifying light sources with stylish floor lamps, elegant table lamps, and sleek wall sconces allows for a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. This careful orchestration of light layers can transform mundane spaces into captivating scenes, elevating the mundane to the magnificent with just the flick of a switch.

Let’s revamp

Transforming your home into a luxurious sanctuary doesn’t have to break the bank. By implementing the 10 decorating tips shared here, you can elevate your space with sophistication and style.

From layering window treatments to incorporating elegant rug runners, each element adds depth and character to your rooms. Stacking decor pieces and pairing furniture creatively offer designer touches without the hefty price tag.

Coordinating the shape of your dining table with the light fixture and using double curtain panels for a fuller look are simple yet effective strategies.

Planning your design layout meticulously ensures a cohesive and high-end aesthetic, while matted frames elevate your wall art effortlessly.

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of greenery and soft furnishings to add warmth and coziness to every corner of your home.

With these expert tips, you can achieve a luxurious look that reflects your personal style and sophistication.

Alright, so that’s it.

I’ve tried my best to gave you some ideas that you can start implementing into your home. Let me know down below in the comments which one of these decorating tricks do you think you could really use in your space.

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