Composite Rebar – Carbon Fiber Rebar (CFRP) Benefits & Costs

Though relatively new in the industry, the popularity of composite rebar is going through the roof in recent times. The searches are in top trends for composite rebar like GRP, CFRP, or carbon fiber rebar. Due to advanced technological innovations in manufacturing, more and more projects are replacing typical steel rebar with composite rebar. Because … Read more

14 Types of Stones in building construction (composition & properties)

Types of stones used in construction

A lot of civil engineering projects like building construction and commercial construction use stone as a basic construction material. Due to their toughness and durability, stones are like high-end construction material. Whether it is a road, a building, a bridge, a retaining wall, or any kind of construction project – stones serve significant purposes. There … Read more

How Much Does A Floor Plan Designer Cost?

At present, you can hire an experienced floor plan designer online for between $800 and $2,700, with the typical project costing around $1,750. An hourly rate for a draftsperson to create blueprints or a house layout may range from $50 to $130. For example- three-bedroom house plans take at least 10 hours to construct and … Read more

How much is a yard of concrete? – With Bonus tips to save money

Are you googling “how much is a yard of concrete?” if yes! You’ve arrived at the right place. When you’re dealing with ready mix concrete; estimating the cost per volume or cost per cubic yard is a critical step. Whether you’re working on a driveway, a slab, or a floor; the money you’re going to … Read more

Tube Structures system in Building Construction – 5 Types & Features (Must Know)

Different types of Tubular Structure system

The tube structure is a recent development in structural engineering that is a technique to design a high-rise structure with having better resistance to lateral loads such as wind, seismic and impact load. It is a structural system such that the building acts like a hollow cylinder perpendicular to the ground. The tube system was … Read more

Tacheometric Surveying – Principle – Method – Applications – Errors – Advantages

A tacheometric surveying is a branch of surveying in which we find the horizontal and vertical position of point on earth surface with the help of tacheometer. In this type of surveying there is no need of chain or tape for distance measurement and separate level for the measurement of elevation. In general sense, a … Read more

Post and Lintel Construction – Advantages & Disadvantages

Post & lintel Construction

Post and lintel construction is found in architectural designs of Roman Empire and prehistoric times. Post and lintel construction consists of columns covered by stone lintels. It can comprise of one or more level by placing verticals on top of the horizontals using lintels as foundation. You might have heard about Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England … Read more