Dog-Legged Staircase – What is Staircase – Advantages & Disadvantages

Dog-legged Staircase

With so many types of staircases, finding the right one seems overwhelming. Anyhow, we can relate hundreds of reasons why dog-legged staircase is the best pick for you, no matter what. So, in today’s read I’m going to reveal some of the hidden facts about the dog-legged staircase. Let’s get started: What is a staircase? … Read more

Definite ways to make your wood floors look like New

Are you looking for ways to revitalize the beauty of worn wood floors? Are you wondering how pros create wooden floors like glass? No one loves to look at a wooden floor that is splintering and falling apart. But not to worry: these easy and simple steps allow you to go DIY way to make … Read more

What makes a great contractor compared to one who is not?

Great things never came from comfort zones and being a contractor you can’t afford to be a trivial in the business. The growing and harsh competition require a solid profile and you can’t win project bids without your reputation. Your repute, as a contractor, do passes from your past clients to potential clients. Your greatness … Read more

Tie Down Anchors for Mobile Homes – Types & Installation

Tie downs and Anchors for Mobile Home

While living in a manufactured home or mobile home, you are always worried about the stability of its foundation against harsh winds and destructive seismic activity. As a mobile homeowner, you enjoy its light weightiness and portability, but at the same time, these homes are defenseless against natural calamities; in the absence of a proper … Read more

Stilt Floor – Definition – Meaning – Construction – Purpose

Stilt Floor

In the field of construction, stilt floor means a raised floor supported by pillars on all sides. In such a construction we get open area at the ground level. This stilt area can be used for parking, switch room, generator room, or society room. In a typical construction of some apartment or plazas, civil engineers … Read more

11 Basic Components of a Building (Must Know)

A residential building or housing has many parts or components. They all perform their intended purpose so the building can be effortlessly sleek. If any part of your home is not functioning properly it may have adverse impact on other parts. A sinking foundation will have differential settlement in the walls and columns that can … Read more

What is Gabions? – Stainless Steel Gabions – Types

Type of Gabions

Whether you’re looking for erosion control at your project or want to use them as other architectural elements in the building, gabions have a lot to offer. They not only prevent soil erosion on coasts but are also best in preventing slides or washouts. You can use different types of gabion baskets to eradicate stream-bank … Read more

What is raft foundation – 9 Types of Raft foundation

Raft foundation Types

So, you’ve got a soil that has low bearing capacity and you’re left with an option either to have a deep basement or to go with any type of mat foundation or raft foundation.  Whether you’re constructing a building, or you need to support loads from the storage tanks, industrial equipment, chimneys, or even silos; … Read more

Different brick bonds and brick bonding patters

Types of Brick Bonds

Being a brick-laying mason or a supervisor is a job that needs wisdom of alignment and orientation. You ought to have knowledge of different types of brick bonds. We also refer brick bonds as brick bonding patterns. Out there are some basic bonds and therefrom are some derived ones that are carved out. So; in … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Raft Foundation

Advantages of Raft Foundation

Manifold advantages of raft foundation and trifling disadvantages of mat foundation are the two basic reasons for increased usage and opting of raft foundation aka mat foundation. So in this read I will be going to explain in-depth the various benefits of raft foundation. Raft foundation which is also sometimes termed as mat foundation is … Read more