Who Makes Insignia TVs – Basic info of Insignia TV and Manufacturer

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The insignia brand of televisions having Amazon fire smart TV operating system are manufactured by Asian Corporation Hisense system. Insignia Televisions are affordable as they are low in price and offer a wide range of features. In terms of quality their products are in line with other Chinese brands and when compared to other established brands their features are just fine. This company also produces refrigerators and phones. Despite heavy use Insignia TVs would last for several years, and if properly handled they can last for about ten years.

In smart TV market brilliant flagship positions are producing good results without costing a lot of money, but when compared to other brands they have low quality screens.  Insignia Televisions are a best choice for customers who desire low price televisions with multiple functions.

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Who Manufactures Insignia TVs

The flagship product TV made in china is becoming inexpensive brand for consumers. It also provides the facility to replace the damaged part instead of repairing it which is a costly thing in established brands like Samsung and others. Furthermore, they provide all the benefits of other established brands.

At present, to recover market and to stay in competition, old brands have been taken over by different manufacturers.

Few of them are listed below.


JVC is a Japanese brand owned by JVC Kenwood.  It was founded in 1927. This TV is Japan’s first television for introducing video recorder and video Home system. When it comes to fame it has been around in the same period of time as Hitachi, Hisense, Toshiba, Panasonic and Sony.


Itis an American electronics company founded in the United States. Since 1974 it has been a forerunner of Dutch electronics corporation Philips. Magnavox TVs are also cheap and we can enjoy many functions on TV like Netflix.


The parent company of Onn brand is Walmart. Onn products including Onn TV are sold in major Walmart stores. Walmart HDTVs come at low price because they are low quality versions and they have many problems like poor Wi-Fi connections, black screen, sound problems, and connections problems. But these problems can be fixed out as it is easy to rectify these problems rather than replace the TV as it is much costly.


After restructuring, the Polaroid brand was authorized and then sold to Petters Group Worldwide in 2005. Later this company was being run as a Ponzi scheme. Since its formation there are many manufacturers. Currently the Chinese electronics company Makena Electronics own it.


In the beginning, it was a sub-brand of RCA television and is currently controlled by Technicolor. It is distributed and produced by Curis international, in Ontario Canada. Proscans televisions are very good and very easy to setup but these TVs lack smart features.


It is presently controlled by the Chinese manufacturer Hisense, as well as Sharp and Insignia. It is one ofthe biggest producers of personal computers, consumer electronics etc. We can depend on Toshiba TV brand as home electronics as its repute is trustworthy in market. Toshiba TVs are very cheap and everyone can afford this because this is a very old and established brand.


It is owned by Chinese company Tong Fang located in California.Westinghouse makes good TVs with many connectivity options. 

Toshiba Amazon Fire TV 2018 vs. Insignia Fire TV Edition 4K

There are many similarities and differences in these brands of TVs despite the fact that they are manufactured by the same producer i.e. Hisence. It has ads and application options that are unnecessary and cave overloaded menu. The voice controlled functions are good and video quality is acceptable. In dark room test the performance of Insignia 4k is admissible over that of Toshiba. But in bright scenes Toshiba shows considerable improvement. Toshiba TVs are good performers in natural environment. The video quality in contrast to other TV brands like Sony and Samsung is better. Toshiba has good image quality, but its black shades are not the best. These TVs in gamer mode performed satisfactorily and are cost effective for gamers. Beside this, Insignia TVs have better brightness and image quality with sharp contrasts as compared to market price. Both brands are affordable and have many functions.

Among Their Applied Benefits Based on Consumer Reports, we find:

  • It has variety of screen models from 43 to 65 inches in which colors are considerably improved. They have 4k Ultra HD picture quality with 8 million pixels.
  • They display a sound panel never displayed by this producer; based on its virtual -X, an amazing feeling, having special price.
  • It has features of both enhanced Amazon fire innovative TV system, commanded by the new Alexa Amazon remote control. It has many apps and contents for enjoyment. In the world of smart TVS the Fire TV devices have intelligent operating system with outstanding improvements. These TVs are updating day by day for consumers’ satisfaction.
  • Immediate, fast and smooth searches are because of processor that provides unbelievable speed and performance. It has long range with its dual-band Wi-Fi services with many input and output options, such as its three HDMI and USB ports.
  •  It has Fire Os7 built on Android 9 making it fit with most devices and applications. Users can enjoy any content because of its unlimited connectivity.

Does Insignia make a good TV?

Yes! Insignia TVs are a good product that offers broad range of features at affordable prices. So, if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford 1st tier TV trands like Sony, LG, and Samsung; it’s a pretty good brand. It won’t give you an awe-inspiring features but certainly it’s much better than what you can expect for an affordable TV brand. We can say Insignia TV is a sold deal on quality TV.

Who is the manufacturer of Insignia TV brand?

Insignia is not made by Samsung; rather it’s a brand of Best Buy. It is a retail giant that outsources the parts from more than one manufacturing company. It has partnered with Amazon and has started producing fire TVs.    

Is Vizio and Insignia the same?

No they’re not same, both has some distinct features. Although the screen size and resolution is same, but there’s a different in LED backlight. Insignia offers an Edge LED Backlight while the Vizio offers a direct LED backlight. Moreover, Vizio also offers brighter screen with 500 candelas per square meter.

Is Insignia a LG TV?

No, Insignia is a brand of Best Buy house but it mostly has some last year’s part of LG TV. Best Buy’s house brand owns the Insignia but you can’t say it’s an LG TV. The brand has parts from different company TVS.

What’s better LG or Insignia?

Definitely LG TV is far better than Insignia TV. LG offers awe-inspiring features like better viewing angles, you can use the TV as PC monitor and it has a lower input lag. LG also has better reflection handling than Insignia and can accommodate far more light sources.

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