Role of Efficient Waste Removal in Sustainable Construction

In the evolving urban development landscape, sustainable construction practices have become a cornerstone of progressive cities aiming to reduce their environmental footprint. Durham, North Carolina, stands out as a beacon of such innovation, primarily through its commitment to integrating eco-friendly methods within its construction projects.  Central to this initiative is the role of efficient waste … Read more

Rebar – Types of Rebar in Construction – Grades & Sizes – Properties [PDF]

The word rebar is a short form of reinforcing bar. In general, its meaning is the use of steel rod with ridges for reinforced concrete. Basically, concrete is brittle material which is strong in compression but very weak in tension. Whenever tensile forces act on concrete it damages concrete by originating cracks in it. So, … Read more

Load Bearing Wall vs Non-load Bearing wall – Cost – Identification

Non-load Bearing wall

A lot of homeowners are confused about load bearing wall and non-load bearing wall in their home. That’s when they’re looking to have an open concept in order to get rid of the cramped kitchen. It’s always good to know the process and structural aspects of this project. People are idealizing more the open floor … Read more

Fire hazard in a buildings – Causes – Examples – Prevention – Effects [PDF]

Fire Hazard in a building

Fire safety should be the highest priority in any building, particularly one that houses people or offices. But how can you tell if your building has fire hazards? Here are some of the most common causes of fire hazards and what you can do to mitigate them or remove them altogether from your place of … Read more

Is Civil Engineering Suitable for girls?

Is Civil Engineering suitable for girls

You’re asking if civil engineering is suitable for girls because you’re already aware that civil engineering is a male dominant profession. But you’ll be amazed to know that about 23% of civil engineers in United States are women. Moreover, the percentage of female civil engineers in United States has increased from 18% to 23% in … Read more

Pier Foundation – Post & Pier – Types – Uses – Diagram – Cost [PDF]

Pier Foundation - Uses - Types - Cost

When you’re thinking about the best type of foundation for a soil type that lacks firm strata or bedrock; you’re left with two options – pier foundation or pile foundation. Pier foundation is ideal for smaller applications. They can easily act as a stable foundation for sheds or small living units. On the other hand, … Read more

Types of Concrete Block used in Construction [PDF]

Types of concrete blocks

When it comes to concrete block types, the most obvious choices are hollow and solid. But the world doesn’t end there. You can choose some specific types of blocks to help you with the project cause and financial benefits. So, in our today’s read; we’re going to explore different types of concrete blocks. With this … Read more

Gypcrete Vs Concrete – Difference – Composition – Uses – Pros & Cons

Gypcrete vs concrete

Gypcrete or gypsum concrete is used as a floor underlayment for sound reduction, fire ratings, radiant heating and floor leveling. This self-leveling light weight concrete floor is installed by highly trained individuals. Unlike concrete, it is not a DIY project. As you’re considering the options for new or underlayment flooring and have come across the … Read more

Top 8+ skills every Civil Engineer must have– ($$Bonus$$ Tips)


Whether you’re a civil engineer working for construction project or are aiming to be one, there’re essential skills you must have to succeed in career. A career in a dynamic field like construction and civil engineering is full of twists and turns. You, being a professional, have to develop set of unique abilities and skills … Read more

Road Drainage- Purpose & function-Types-Advantages-Disadvantages

Road Drainage Types

No matter the type of road, drainage is an integral part of the design process. Be it a highway or a link road, the surface runoff is always there. Sometimes the highway engineer provides slope in the profile of the road to drain the surface water. But in some cases, the slope is not sufficient … Read more