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The engineering field is often mistaken for a monorail race. The traditional view is that engineering societies attract professionals without soft skills, who will eventually launch missiles into space or create new software applications during the day and play video games at night.

This illustration is a myth that’s why in today’s article we are going to be talking about the highest paying engineering degrees:

#10 Petroleum Engineering

The more you have a career in petroleum engineering, the more likely you are to get paid outrageously. So it’s a good job to enter despite this fact you will be happy to move and there, will still be a lot of work to do in addition to gasoline production materials that require petrochemicals are not expected to have a significant impact on the oil market even with a myriad of alternative energies at least for the next half century engineers in the oil and gas industry are often among the highest paid engineering positions.

In 2019 petroleum engineers were high on the pay scale list with a starting career salary of ninety four thousand five hundred dollars and a mid-career salary range of one hundred seventy six thousand nine hundred dollars. As of 2019, the overall average salary range for petroleum engineers is one hundred ten thousand dollars.

#9 Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers earn as little AS 60,000$ and can be as high as $142,000. Engineers in these fields have always been in high demand according to the bureau of labor statistics. The median salary is 96,000$. You may need abet certification to certify bachelor’s and master’s programs in engineering technology computer science and applied science to qualify for higher salaries.

Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs
Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

#8 Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace is likely to be one of the most attractive engineering fields attracting young mathematics and science students into the industry and the vision of Apollo missions and space station exploration drove their rise during high school and college.

Today aerospace engineers can practice their craftsmanship in many different fields including aircraft and missile technology, aerodynamics, and avionics. According to pay scales data, the salary is high starting at 66,300$ and mid-career salary of $113,000 with the industry turbulence of the space blockchain in commercial moon landing trips the aerospace industry is expected to flourish in the next 10 years and a group of new engineers will be hired to bring magic to the moon again.

 #7 Civil Engineering

it’s worth it, if you like working with numbers solving logically difficult problems and running long-term projects with teams from different disciplines. A career in the field of civil engineering can offer great opportunities. It is a respected job with many opportunities for salary and promotion. The practical elements of civil engineering and the health and safety part are the most valuable civil engineering.

Professionals are also in high demand in the new decade in particular the country’s infrastructure is aging and the worst cases collapse in addition as new green practices emerges around the world. Career growth will only increase the first recruitment in the civil engineering field is expected to earn 57,000$ and the mid-career performance record is as high as 98,500$.

#6 Biomedical Engineering

biomedical engineers meet at the intersection of medicine and engineering and most of the work in this industry comes from pharmaceutical scientific data and research and medical manufacturing companies for biomedical engineers this is a breakthrough in an industry that is booming due to medical advancement and that is why biomedical engineers receive such generous salaries the starting salary for a biomedical engineer is fifty thousand dollars and by mid-career the annual salary exceeds one hundred thousand dollars according to pay scale by 2020 the median annual salary for a biomedical engineer is 65 000.

#5 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers design generators, internal combustion engines, steam turbines, gas turbines, etc., and power use devices such as refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Mechanical engineers design other machines within a building such as elevators or escalators.

A mechanical engineer may wish to apply their industry to work in a variety of industries because mechanical engineering is a very large and busy workplace. Mechanical engineers can specialize in material science, structural analysis, electrical energy dynamics, and thermodynamics. The median salary is 84,000$ the starting salary is approximately 64,000$ and the median mid-career salary is 108,000$.

#4 industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering that involves discovering how to improve things. Industrial engineers focus on reducing production costs improving efficiency improving product and service quality ensuring the health and safety of workers protecting the environment and complying with government regulations. Industrial engineers are good at manufacturing and production industries.

Many industrial engineers enter the environmental field to find ways for companies to go green and meet government requirements against waste construction and other environmental requirements. The average salary of an industrial engineer is approximately 64,000$ and the median mid-career salary is 84,000$.

 #3 Computer Science Engineering

It is not surprising that the technology industry has attracted a large number of computer engineers but compared with other engineering fields such as manufacturing or industrial engineering, high technology is a relatively new concept that has only appeared in the last 50 years. Now with the rise of revolutionary new technologies; such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, and the internet of things, the demand for new computer engineers should be high in the 2021s.

Now engineers and computer scientists can expect to earn approximately $70,000 in their first professional position and up to one 116,000$ in mid-career income. Exploring computer science job opportunities can significantly shape your future.

#2 chemical engineering

Engineers, who specialize in chemical research, work not only for chemical companies but many people do in addition to many other industries. Chemical engineers also work in manufacturing electronics oil and gas industries.

The salary of new chemical engineers has stabilized at 70,000$ while the mid-career salary increase has increased to around $125,000 USD  according to data from the US department of labor the median annual salary is $104,000 USD and employment growth is expected to increase by six percent between 2018 and 2028.

#1 marine engineering

Marine engineers are professionals who have studied marine engineering and it is responsible for the operation maintenance and repair of all machinery and engineering equipment on board. There are various mechanical systems that can aid the operation of any ship such as propulsion machinery power and power generation systems, lubrication fuel systems, distilled water lighting, and air conditioning systems etc.

Although there are not many marine engineers, only about 500 graduate with a degree in marine engineering each year. The salaries are very high for those who choose marine as an engineering career. According to the US bureau of labor statistics marine engineers sometimes referred to as shipbuilders earn 92,000 a year with an average growth rate of 9.

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