Appliance Repair Costs – Is It Worth It?

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When faced with a malfunctioning appliance, homeowners often grapple with the dilemma of whether to repair the existing unit or invest in a new one. This decision involves careful consideration of various factors, ranging from the age and condition of the appliance to the cost of repairs and potential long-term savings.

In Mesa, Arizona, where reliable home appliance services are essential, making the right choice becomes crucial. For those seeking professional assistance to repair appliances in Mesa Arizona, understanding the specific circumstances and weighing the available options is key to making an informed decision.

So, a lot of homeowners are confused about the decision to repair or replace your broken appliance.

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Consider age and the condition

Consider the age, whereabouts, and the appliance’s life expectancy. If it’s five years or less, you’re probably definitely going to want to consider repairing.

Severity of appliance issue

So the second thing we want to talk about in repairing your broken appliance is the severity of the problem. If it’s just something minor more along the line or something annoying, maybe the door doesn’t close or squeaks or there’s a bit of a rattle that needs to be addressed. If that’s the case, you’re probably looking at something under $300. And for me, I would think, we definitely go ahead and do the repair.

Check Warranty

The third thing, in trying to decide whether to repair your broken appliance is your warranty coverage, get out, your owner’s manual, and if you don’t have it, take your model number and go online and look for the warranty information because some of the parts on your appliance may still be under manufacturer’s warranty. They’ve run some parts with three, five and ten years warranty. So depending on the problem and what part it may need, you may be covered.

And if they are going to be covered, then you definitely want to look at having it repaired.

Are you using some special appliance or not?

So the last thing we want you to consider in repairing your broken appliance is if your appliances is a specialty unit or not, and by specialty I mean that fridge that has the matching door to your kitchen cabinets or the laundry system that has the washer and the dryer all in one cabinet those are machines. You’re not going to just go down to your nearest furniture and appliance store and buy it right off the floor. So in those circumstances, it probably makes more sense to go ahead and do the repair. It’ll be a lot less hassle.

So now that we’ve talked about when to repair your broken appliance, let’s talk about when the repair doesn’t make sense. And we need to replace so we’re talking about replacing appliances.

The times when repair is the best option

We’ got to leap back to the same question we talked about when we started looking at repairing. How old is it? Is it near Is life expectancy? almost or well past? If it is, then we definitely need to think about replacing the product because you got to keep in mind, if you’ve got one problem that’s coming up right now, everything else in the machine is the same age.

So you know, there’s more problems waiting for you.

When replacement is the best choice

The second thing we want to talk about in replacing an appliance is a very similar question we asked ourselves about repairing and that is, is how severe the situation is. Is something major? Are we talking about a total complete breakdown? Perhaps your fridge, when it shuts off, there’s a huge bang bang bang coming from it, or maybe your dishwasher starting to flood the floor or your stove, maybe even the displays not lighting up if your repair is going to be considered major, requiring a lot of parts it’s going to be expensive. Definitely over that $300 mark. You’re definitely in the time when you need to start thinking about replacement.

Another critical part of your decision to replace is check your warranty coverage, same as you would have in making a decision whether to repair. There may be some of those key components that are giving you the problem that are still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. So check your owner’s manual and if you don’t have it, go online.

Consider efficiency and Cost Saving

So the next piece to consider in replacing your appliance is some efficiency and cost saving making that leap into a new appliance today compared to your older one, you may be saving yourself a lot of money as far as water usage as well as electrical consumption. So replacing that old appliance with a new one is going to give you much more efficiency and cost savings.

Spare parts are not available

So the last thing we want to talk about in replacing your appliance is parts that are no longer available. And while you may be able to get the part today to resolve your current issue, being an older appliance, you may find down the road that there’s going to be parts that you can no longer get, in which case you’ve just spent good money you’re throwing out the window. So making that leap into a new appliance may be the way to go. Thanks very much for watching this video. We do understand that replacing or repairing an appliance is a major decision, and it has many implications. And we’re not able to cover every situation in this video.

But we wanted to give you some of the questions you need to ask when you go to make that decision as to whether to repair or replace your broken appliance.


In summary, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and the decision to repair or replace depends on your specific situation. Consider the factors mentioned above, weigh the costs and benefits, and make an informed decision based on your budget and priorities.

Whether your washing machine is showing signs of distress or any other household appliance is on the fritz, in Mesa, Arizona, stands ready to assist you. Understanding the factors influencing the repair-or-replace decision and having a trusted appliance repair service at your disposal can help you navigate the challenges of maintaining a functional and efficient home.

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