New Furniture Worth Investing in for 2023 – Update Your Home

Is your home in need of some updates? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the options available and aren’t sure where to start? For anyone that doesn’t want to make any significant changes that require remodelling and demolition work, a good option can be new furniture. New furniture can significantly impact how the room looks and … Read more

An Introduction to Defence Engineering: What It Is and Why It Matters

Defence engineering is a specialized field that plays a critical role in developing and maintaining military technology. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, as well as materials science and computer science. Several companies in Australia have developed expertise in defence engineering and provide essential support to the defence … Read more

M25 Mix Concrete Ratio (1:1:2) – Uses – Materials


M25 concrete is a type of concrete mix that is designed to produce concrete with a characteristic compressive strength of 25 megapascals (MPa) at 28 days after it has been placed. It is often used for high-strength applications such as foundations, beams, and columns in high-rise buildings. Concrete Mix Design – General discussion Mix design … Read more

What is hydration of cement? – Heat of Hydration

Hydration of cement

What happens when you mix cement with water or if it accidently gets some moisture? It becomes a paste for some time and then becomes hard like a rock-mass. This all happens because of a chemical reaction between cement chemicals and water – called hydration reaction. The chemicals of cement (also called bogue’s compounds) are … Read more

Harsh mix of concrete – Harshness in Concrete is due to

A harsh mix of concrete lacks plasticity resulting in undesirable consistency and workability. In technical terms, a concrete mix with poor ratios of ingredients such that water, cement, and fine aggregates results in harsh mix. Harshness in concrete is due to the excess of middle-sized aggregate as well as rough, angular, flat, or elongated aggregate … Read more

How many 40lb, 50lb, 60lb and 80lb bags of concrete are in a cubic yard

how many bags of concrete in a yard

While you’re using ready-mix bag of concrete, you’re interested to know how many bags of concrete in a yard? Well, bags of concrete per yard depend on the size of the bag you choose. An 80 lb bag of concrete will obviously cover more per yard than a lb bag. Be it Quikrete, Skrete, or … Read more

How much does a cinder block weigh? (4″, 6″, 8″, 10″ & 12″ Blocks)

So, while you’re planning for your construction project material delivery, you need to know how much does a cinder block weigh, to accurately know the number of trips for delivery trucks required for your project.  You also need to know how heavy is cinder block; while you’re planning for material delivery in high-rise buildings. A … Read more

How to correctly fill wide cracks in concrete?

So, I’ve been in this concrete pouring business for around a decade and there’re number of situations where homeowners are worried asking for concrete crack filling. Cracks in exterior concrete are quite common because of uneven drying, shrinkage, temperature changes, ground movement, and excessive loading. But repairing and sealing cracks in concrete is pretty crucial … Read more

Magnesite Flooring: All you need to know about repairs

Magnesite Flooring

If you’re living in Sydney, Australia; you might already know about Magnesite flooring. It’s a floor leveler on concrete that was once the most popular choice in early 1920s through 1990s. In terms of material, Magnesite is made through magnesium oxychloride in the form of cement. As filler, instead of aggregates, wood chips or sawdust … Read more

Setting of Cement – Initial & Final Setting time of cement

Understanding the concept of setting time of cement is important while handling concrete like transporting, placing, and compaction. Setting of cement is relevant to concepts like hydration process and hardening. In normal circumstances, when you are using concrete, you want it in a workable or flow-able condition for pouring in desired shape. That’s because it … Read more