Cement Concrete Calculator – Online calculate cement sand and aggregate

Cement Concrete Calculators

Are you looking to determine how much cement, sand, and aggregate you require for a specific grade of concrete. This online calculator will help you accurately determine every component of concrete as per the selected mix design from the list. The calculator is pretty easy to use for estimating cement, sand, and aggregate in a … Read more

How many yards are in a ton of gravel? (with Online Calculator)

How many Yards are in a ton of gravel?

So, you’re landscaping an area with a wish to cover the space with gravel and are now wondering how many tons of gravel you need for each yard of your lawn. At this stage the only thing you know is the square footage area you need to cover with gravel. So, how’d you tell the … Read more

11 Different Types of Sand and their uses in Construction [PDF]

Types of Sand in Construction

With so many types of sands in the market, you can’t randomly pick one for your project. Depending on the color, size, and source; the sand can show different properties that are critical for your project. So, in order to get the best result, try to know your options and choose a type of sand … Read more

Compaction of Concrete – Importance – Under & Over vibration – PDF

Compaction of Concrete

Compaction of concrete is an important step of concreting that plays vital role in quality control. We ensure proper compaction of concrete after placing the freshly mixed concrete. Compaction is the process that expels air voids in freshly placed concrete. Different methods of compaction allows aggregate to come close together to achieve higher density. It … Read more

Rock Salt Concrete Finish – Installation – Advantages – Cost

Rock Salt Concrete Finish

No one loves the standard plain concrete or flat work, so why not give your concrete a subtle texture with an easy and affordable Rock Salt Concrete finish. Rock salt concrete finish or salt-finished concrete is a type of concrete finish that dress up the fresh concrete by pressing coarse rock salt onto the surface, … Read more

Can You Pour Concrete Over Concrete? – Level – Thickness

Can you pour concrete over concrete

Let’s be honest, a lot of homeowners are wondering if one can pour new concrete over existing concrete and will it stick? That’s one way of escaping an entire concrete slab replacement – which is obviously a costly venture. Well; adding a layer of concrete over a cracked concrete patio can instantly revitalize the flooring. … Read more

Rebar – Types of Rebar in Construction – Grades & Sizes – Properties [PDF]

The word rebar is a short form of reinforcing bar. In general, its meaning is the use of steel rod with ridges for reinforced concrete. Basically, concrete is brittle material which is strong in compression but very weak in tension. Whenever tensile forces act on concrete it damages concrete by originating cracks in it. So, … Read more

Types of Concrete Block used in Construction [PDF]

Types of concrete blocks

When it comes to concrete block types, the most obvious choices are hollow and solid. But the world doesn’t end there. You can choose some specific types of blocks to help you with the project cause and financial benefits. So, in our today’s read; we’re going to explore different types of concrete blocks. With this … Read more

Gypcrete Vs Concrete – Difference – Composition – Uses – Pros & Cons

Gypcrete vs concrete

Gypcrete or gypsum concrete is used as a floor underlayment for sound reduction, fire ratings, radiant heating and floor leveling. This self-leveling light weight concrete floor is installed by highly trained individuals. Unlike concrete, it is not a DIY project. As you’re considering the options for new or underlayment flooring and have come across the … Read more