Engineering Communication by Knisely [PDF] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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This book of Engineering Communication is by the authors Charles W. Knisely & Karin I. Kinsely. It is a must-to-have book for all engineers who want to learn communication. With this book in pdf format you got 607 pages of pure guidelines and free access to stream of information about engineering communication.

Kinsely has formulated this book into 12 chapters including appendix at the end with practical knowledge and exercises. The book starts with the aim of explaining why engineers need to communicate. It then gives you some tips about professional correspondence, reports, meetings, posters, presentations, technical reports, and laboratory reports.

As an engineer, you do need to have sharp communication skills to succeed in the corporate sector. As a civil engineer you should have good and critical presentation skills, design and concept skills. You need to communicate clearly with confidence in meetings, presentation, and even in your reports. This book elaborates in pdf format about engineering communication examples. Engineers communicate somewhat differently in professional career.

If you’re competent as an engineer but you lack good communication skills, you shall never succeed in this field. You need to digest and express complex ideas, proposals, synopsis, reports, and other technical correspondence. That’s where engineering communication plays its part.

Engineering Communication by Knisely [PDF] [FREE DOWNLOAD]
Engineering Communication by Knisely [PDF] [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Engineering Communication by Knisely

In the field, as a civil engineer, you need to communicate with clients, contractors, and other stack-holders to collaborate and liaison effectively for the goodwill of the project. Experts do believe that engineering communication is an integral skill for civil engineers.

It dictates your success in part of the civil engineering field. If you’re looking to learn this skill and are now looking for examples, pdf, skills, or ppt, download this book. It will give you a whole lot of information.

I’d recommend this book to engineers of all fields, electronics engineers, civil engineers, mechanical, and other fields.

Contents of the Book

Kinsely has distributed the book into various sections and chapters to make it easier for the engineers to digest. Here’re the contents of the book pdf format:

  • Chapter 1 Why do engineers need to communicate ?
  • Chapter 2 Finding Information and Citing Sources
  • Chapter 3 Reading Technical Reports
  • Chapter 4 Step-By-Step Preparation of a Laboratory Report With Sample Report
  • Chapter 5 Revising Reports and Reviewing Grammar
  • Chapter 6 Engineering Toolbox and Visual Elements
  • Chapter 7 Professional Correspondence
  • Chapter 8 Proposals, Collaborative Writing, and Progress Reports
  • Chapter 9 Specifications, Contracts, and Intellectual Property
  • Chapter 10 Overview Reports
  • Chapter 11 Oral Presentations and Running Meetings
  • Chapter 12 Poster Presentations
  • Appendix 1 Word Processing in Microsoft Word 2010
  • Appendix 111 Preparing Oral Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Appendix 11 Making Graphs in Microsoft Excel 2010 and Excel for Mac 2011

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