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When deciding on the best roofing option for your home, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is whether to go with sloped or flat roofs. A catslide roof provides steeply pitched upper walls and two lower, flatter ones; it’s named after its resemblance to the French term mansarde, which means attic or garret in English.

Some people believe that this type of roof simply has an aesthetic value, but there are actually many benefits that come with this particular style of shingles as well as some potential issues you may have to deal with down the road if you choose this option.

If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not to go with a catslide roof on your home, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this style to help you decide whether or not it’s right for you.

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What is a catslide roof?

A catslide roof is a type of sloping roof that slopes one side more than the other. This extension allows for an increase in interior space without extending the height of the building. One imagines some medieval builder building a wall, accidentally knocking a cat off the roof, the animal tumbling to the ground and causing the movement to become called a ‘catslide’.

The catslide roof is just another type of hip roof that is designed to shed water. One difference between a hip roof and catslide roof is that with a catslide, you’ll have deeper eaves. With an attic below it, you can really take advantage of those eaves to let rainwater simply run off your house instead of sitting on top of it (which causes leaks). The steep pitch will also make sure your roof doesn’t get as hot in summer or cold in winter, cutting down on energy use for ventilation.

The term catslide refers to the style of roof extension that sweeps down in elevation from the ridge. The extension of the roof allows the designer to cover lean-to or side rooms. The biggest pro of Catslide roofing is its ability to offer more storage space. It features a  section of the roof extending down, almost to the ground. It continues down past the height of the main eaves.

Catslide Roofing
Catslide Roofing

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Why is it called a catslide roof?

You may be wondering why it’s called a catslide roof if it doesn’t have anything to do with cats. In fact, its name comes from one of its biggest advantages—its slope makes it easy for sliding heavy objects. But how does that actually work?

Imagine you need to get something from your roof, like heavy snow or ice. With most roofs, you would probably either use stairs or crane some sort of equipment into place so you could get up there. But with a slide-down style roof, you simply start at one end and slide whatever you need down to where it can be easily accessed!

A catslide roof is one of several types of roofs in which two sloping surfaces meet at an angle. In its most basic form, a catslide roof is created by having an angled surface on both sides—like having two very shallow pitched roofs that meet at their ridges.

A less common type of cat-sliding roof has only one pitched surface with external walls jutting out to complete it. In these cases, it’s important to create gutters or another way to allow rainwater to get away from your home; otherwise water could pool under your new deck and cause structural damage.

You should also be sure that you have adequate support for any additions you might make so that your house doesn’t become unbalanced.

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Catslide Frame

A relevant term roofers used in building construction is catslide frame. While you’re extending the roof to the ground level without increasing the height of the building, the frame you’ll provide for the roof is catslide frame. There’re plethora of benefits for using catslide frame in your house besides having an artistic look. Home owners prefer timber frames in this system.


Here’re some advantages of Catslide Roofing system:

Extra space

It provides extra space in the house. This space addition does not make the ridge height of the roof any higher. The can be put in a variety of positions according to your wishes.

Using storage sheds, porch or garage

You can put it on the ground floor, thus you’ll make an extra roof for this space. You can also put it outside of the house as a porch or a garage. Storage sheds are usually a white utility building and are used to provide extra space for households. Storage sheds can also add a welcoming look to your home. Lots of people love the idea of a cat slope roof for this reason.


If you’re looking for an affordable roofing style; it is one of the best. Although, it is bit orthodox in style but the basics of roofing design is the same. The professional roofers find it easier to install and the installation takes way less time than many other types of roofing.

It is because of affordability, you can refer Catslide roofing as low in roofing construction costs. Because of these pros and cons, people are using this roofing system for their houses, garage, sheds, and garden sheds.

Multiple choices of roofing materials

Unlike many other type of roofing styles that limit your choice of materials, Catslide roofing offers number of options to choose from. You can install any type of roofing material be it steeper or flatter. Roofers are able to use metal, clay, cedar shakes, shingle, or asphalt shingle as roofing.

Best aesthetic value and energy-efficiency

Not all roofing styles offer both aesthetic value and energy-efficiency. But this Catslide roofing offers both for modern or contemporary residential buildings. The steep sloping not only allows you to install solar panels but it also lower your utility bills.

Best in terms of water shedding

When you’re living in areas of heavy rainfall or snowfall; you’re always looking for roofing that offers best shedding of water. So, a Catslide roof excels in water drainage. There’s no such issues of water pooling. With a good gutter system, it can easily make water pass the roofing envelope.


Catslide roofing is fully adaptable. You can extend the roof as much as possible to increase the space in your house. Besides, you can install skylight to have your house a fresh air intake. Due to natural ventilation this roofing offers natural fresh air inside your house.


  1. Because of discharging of large volume of water during rains, this roofing require installation of boxed gutter. The roofing sheds large volume of water instantly so a standard roofing gutter will be easily clogged resulting in a mess.
  2. Some homeowners won’t prefer Catslide roofing because of the strange looks.
  3. Catslide roofing is also not a preferred choice for large houses.

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